hey.. had school again todae, getting more sian everyday :/
assembly first, had that boring devotion talk by chiong my lan, yucks. after that chua gege started his talk on school discipline, and how some guy took 9 pairs of socks by mistake. eh if ur reading this, please do not return the socks to the faggy GO. now theres this rule that ensures i must go to bb or else submit an mc. pon 2 time=caning by chua gege. pon 5 time and i get kick out of school lol. hmm, observed they didnt let chai cheebye anywhere near the microphone, dr boonie must be scared that he might break it with his super high pitched voice and you know what dat means:no bananas!lol also notice that nowadays mr yao is missing..hmm, did he go to usa to collect his puiness world record for the human with the highest shirt tuck-in level?woah, thats another record for faglican high then! must be some crazy world domination plan by doctor boonie..

so the first period was english, pat wong made various ppl present their eng presentation, one girl did a da vinci movie, the other read her cheem poem. cherine-boy was also supposed to present la, but who knows there would be some bug in the comp o.o must be caused by pat wong surfing too much porn.

next was SEL, flower koh made us do this q-and-a session thing, quite funny la, my group had yc, midget01 and the gay oats. we wrote about this guy who had B.O and couldnt stop pespiring; deoderants dun work too :D, wrote crap for other ppls questions when they were passed to us; yea well, these SEL mostly end up in crapping sessions lol

physics for 3rd period, mr bong eng kiat’s lesson. i swear, his fringe is the most accurate 180 degrees you can ever find =D, his teaching was ok today, dun relli understand the pico, terra, kilo, mega stuff though..might have to start studying soon xD

chem next, our teacher whose name i cant seem to remember did some introductions, and made
midget01 the chemistry rep:))) haha looks like i dun have to do my chem homework animore

had recess, thx jonathan for queueing up, midget01 bought milo and egg sandwich for me. somehow, there was this big piece of sandwich missing.. hmm i wonder who ate it :X

history, waste of time, the dumb bangla is sitting in front of me, with juehua beside, gonna be hard to study hoho

geog, this might be the 1st time i fail geog, cant hear what the teachers talking at all..

amaths saw captain barney giving us some sums to do, boring overall, apparently now theres this fine system for not bringing the faggy exercise book, 50cents for 1st offence, 1 buck for next and so on…shall have to purchase a faggy book from the faggy bookstore tomoro. darn, theres another 90cents thats going into boonie’s banana fund.

HCL, chen ze hou owned the class once again with his china accent, talking about san guo yan yi, din relli hear haha, was busy smsing a fren, and colouring yingzhi’s drumstick with highlighter:D

ok emaths was dull, the teacher hamdam din come, he must have gotten barbequed for some particular offence:D left class 10 minuts early with midget01 and went to look for lau jee buai and jasper. hoho some interesting stuff happened on the way. went to pasir ris macs with jee buai and midget, we were discussing abt next years orientation, and 101 guide to being hiong in bb. after that we went to popular to get jee buai’s bookstrap, along the way we saw this poster of maria sharapova, and jeebuai forgot the name and called her maria shakanovich LOL. sadly pop din have the dumb bookstrap;sold out, chai chee bye must have bought them all to fulfill his weird sexual fantasies. went to ntuc to get jeebuai’s gatsby wax, ultra hold LMFAO, shall see how he looks like tomoro:DDD

haha, gotta go now, shall chiong jianbaos!


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