yo..haha, back from school and watchin school for scroundrels, heres how it went..
met jee buai at bedok mrt to buy macs. yum haha, eating on the way up to school was fun, the other students were like staring ”fuck you, i want your bloody coke” eyes at us lol. not late for school la, just nice reach hoho. went down for assembly, devotion again, this time by goh chong ann, credits to her speech, gave me inspiration for my new nick for faglican high, gonglican’s crackpot high. i feel that todays assembly was very special indeed, marked the return of MR YAO! hoho, seems like that midgety fag is back from collecting his record. hoho, but when he was walking up to the podium, he tripped and fell. ohno! was speculating a bit about this, but this is my final result: wanting to preserve his record of human with the highest shirt tuck in level, he bought a longer pair of pants so he could pull it higher, however, his legs werent long enough for the pants, and thus he tripped on the excess and fell hoho. chai cheebye is missing in action again, and the plans for anti-chai chinese new year are almost done lol, please all download the ”chai shen dao” song into your phone mp3 in preparation! chua gege now dam jian hor, organised a last minute spot check. walao heng la, the flower koh see i shuai den dun bother to check me haha, hair was a bit long though, gonna cut soon 😀

ok now for the lessons, shit man hcl was fagged up, din study for the test la, so when i got the questions, i just put crap answers for the blanks. lets see how much i get haha

emaths- hamdam wasnt present again, apparently he got his mama to write parent letter to chua gege to excuse him, so he can go sell bagua again. so the class slacked again lar, listening to qing tian repeatedly by jay chou really seems to help pass the time.

ok, now its time for the godly bong eng kiat, holyshit man, the things he teach is nuts, i wont poste here, dun wanna give youall headaches>.<

haha eng next, and pat wong aka the 50-year old virgin made more ppl present, walan the leong ying and jeanette present until dam pro man, walao, buey tahan ahh!!den pat wong tell us sec 3 must study,otherwise die!!holy fuck man..my turn to present is coming soon =P

went down with midget01 for recess, he ate the 3 buck western food, what a terrible scam, fish,egg,rice and beans were all he got. 2 bucks got me a chickenchop, rice, coleslaw and beans, yuck, no way am i going back there again. went to bookstore next to buy the bluesticky thing, then went back to class to paste the faggy pics on my locker=D haha

its chem next, the teacher is named tay, i finally found out! hoho, but the lesson was boring like fuck man, i din bother to listen la haha.

emaths, slacked again basically doing the same thing, but this time we also listen to huang jin jia haha, nice song go dl hor!

amaths is fucked, captain barney gives us harder sums everyday, and my absolutely-no-aptitude-for-maths brain cant seem to keep up, hmm its lucky yuncheng and oats are nearby, otherwise die le ahh

ss next, the super enthu teacher came in again, this time dress like the kym joong boon or sun ji hai or seoul boon boon or wadeva name those kooky koreans are called. wow, did a personality test and found out that im retarded la, my intelligence for all is like fuckin low man

later that kaopei flower come in again, and tell us to reset our targets. fine la, u think victoria not gd enuff, i aim for hwa chong show you faglican high la! 1st faglican in hwa chong leh!

went for bb afta that, but not before the bbsec3s:D saw my locker haha, super sian la, the faggy sec4s make us stand there do shit, and we keep saying thank you to alvin haha! left bb after 1 hour, waste of time, den go to pasir ris with mingjun, chongrui,jinghan,cherng ru,benjamin and the fatsodus to eat. later that stupid dawn call me ask me go watch the school for scroundrels show, then i go there is like extra la, sit aloneT.T, but nvm, the show is free haha!!nice story overall, the funny parts are like dam funny la haha, went home afterwards to help jinghan with his presentation and jeebuai with his compo. hoho, i am rich tomorrow!

ok, gotta go now, have fun at faglican high tmr guys!


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