hey…sup, today was average i think..hmm lets see wad i did today…
went to 7eleven to buy coke before going to school heh; suaned the ppl on the way up again. no coke for you fags! went down for assembly at the parade square, budden later dunno why we had to go to the hall. zz stupid bunch of fags, dun even wan to on the air-con in the hall la. oei dr boonie! i know you monkey need banana, but we sweating student need air-con ok! hmm today mr yao didnt trip, he must have swapped back to the old pants:X hoho. lata when we returned to class… the first period was..

chinese!!!aww fuck it.. mr chen ze hou the chinaman apparently enrolled for a course in the tan suet theng university; how to give green form to make student hand up their homework and not giving demerit point -.- lol haonan also tio la, den chenzehou was like scolding him for being chinaman and not handing up his work o.o haha. played squirting water with midget, using the syringe tat stjohns were giving out the other day, we sprayed haonan, yingzhi, jem and haonan’s girlfriend with water. woots, that thing is deadly šŸ˜€

geog and ss were ok, emaths was not. was hearing qingtian, qi li xiang, huo yuan jia and jian dan ai with midget01 when the hamdan suddenly walk in. wad da fuck? looks like today is not a good day to sell bagua:D din learn much though when the bell rang for recess-stuck with eating fanchoys becoz of the terrible queues. fuck, greedy chinaman are hoarding the school top positions already, and they still wan to hoard the top position in queuing -.- fuck them man.

chem and history next, alrite chem was boring so wont post, but during history daryl seems pissed for some reason. hmm muz be becos i call him pimple factory. walan now even i got the fuckin pimples. dammit, any gd pimple creams to recommend?

amaths is now officially the most fucked up subject in faglican high, the class is learning a lot with the progress of one sum a day, and it looks like yc and the other girl are the onli ppl in 3L that could solve the sum today. fuck it! i dun wanna fail amaths la…

den its english again with the 50year old virgin, nice lesson haha, heres two lines of a poem describing the da vinci code
this book has many twists and turns
just like the coils of an indian’s turban

AHAHAHAHAHAHAH, fucking funny man.

assembly was a fuckin waste of time, the good progress awards blah blah blah were given out, dam u faglican, why din i get one? u give my money to buy new microphone to replace the one that chai break is it? den there was this 5 seconds when my eyes just started to burn after they announced a particular name. oww>.< betta go to the optemetrist tomorro to check :/
den after that the basketball team share on their trip to taiwan, super fuckin pointless. was talking to mcjonathan, den he was going like, ohh i rather go to china, can buy these maozedong figurines for 2 renminbi and den break them in ur hotel room lol. there were like 8 china ppl near him? could see that they almoz wanted to whack him haha. assembly ends, and then after school nth much happen.. so i went home

and did my english presentation! haha, on friday u shall get to see it:D

im not done yet, today theres a special segment, the character profile of chai chee bye!!

name: chai chee bye
nicknames: dickless, high frequency, chee bye
favourite song: wank bu liao by david tao
favourite website: http://www.donatemeadick.com
favourite book: 101 guide on how to fuck without a dick, going beyond the 20000hertz mark
hobbies: screaming into the mike with 20000hertz voice, organising orgies with chua gege, sticking objects into his cheebye

hoho, theres pe tmr, have fun ppl!!:D


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