wassup ppl, heh the common test today sucked didnt it….
i am pleased to inform you fags that my plan to suan ppl on the hill up to school with coke is working perfectly. those fags keep staring at my coke like its some miracle drink of fertility. hmm shall continue this for the next two weeks and observe the results.

fuck it, the chinese test was so hard i almost cried, din read the beggar book and the sanguo that i read was a condensed comic version? wth! doomed to fail>.< and the dumb mc koh made us sing the anthem. now the doctors at the polyclinic all know my face, i might have some problems obtaining mc… maybe i should buy some from mc koh x)
anyway next was p.e. useless la the run, walked most of it la, learn 2lt mokster’s pro walking skill can pass off as running liao. physics is boring as always la.

cant eat cos of the china fags again. had to queue for the fagging scamming western food. walao the auntie anyhow charge one can? shit la, but no choice thats the shortest queue already :/ now i have this list of songs to hear with midget01, hmm got qing tian, qi li xiang, wang bu liao, jian dan ai, huo yuan jia, liang shan po yu zhu li ye, and the fish leong ke le jie zhi..haha that song is fuckin nice la, shall hear more

den go back to class see that fake yalam again, aiyoyo i dunno why but why must she talk so soft!! cant hear la, can i just raise up my hand for the whole period and go ” I CANT HEAR YOU!!” what a fag..

hcl next, sry if i din contribute much, slept dam late yesterday la, if i keep this up i will develop panda eyes to match my spectacles and cage jersey =D

ss was, ok, but uninteresting, bleh.. next!

it looks like stupid hamdam has stopped his bagua selling streak for the time being. word is that he will sell it again during the chinese new year, so remember folks, get your tasty barbequed pork from him ok?

elang last, and boy what a close shave. heng got somebody thumbdrive spoil la, cannot present, summore waste a lot of time xD heheh thanks whoever you are. den next erm..wanzhen?? almost broke pat wongs comp =D hehehe that wasted even more time, and added with some super lengthy and cheem presentations of others, took up the whole elang period so i didnt have to present yay! considering dling a virus into my thumbdrive den opening it on da 50yearold virgin’s laptop heheh

ok fuck it, after school had to see the faggy seniors again. this time i din bring belt and pumped 10, later in the hall cherng ru pumped me another 25, total 40, what fags… waste of my fuckin time sia, go there do 2 rounds of practice den can go le.. fuck man, Tits R Us didnt seem so happy today, hmm i wonder why, but the practice is even more faggy den the previous one. hmm so anyway left afta dat. btw, tmr i standing in a dam obvious spot, but luckily hong chee hong the fat one is gonna block the whole stage =D

ok gotta go polish boots, whoops, the sole came off.. ohno, looks like i haf to wear fatigue tomorrow den =D hehe, no way am i gonna present in front of my class in dat faggy uniform. see how things work out tmr ba, gotta sleep soon, but 1st im gonna present my 2nd character profile, this time its chiong my lan.

name: chiong my lan
nicknames: rotten inside, retard, eternal virgin, baboon-slayer
favourite song: super massive black hole by muse
favuorite books: dummies guide to self-pleasure, survival guide for the unwanted
hobbies: plotting to overthrow dr boonie, raping faglican high boys, competing with the 50 year old virgin to see who can keep their virginity longer.


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