yo wassup ppl, din post yesterday, so today’s post will be faggily big, almost as big as chiong my lan’s cave of no return..

had the faggy bb day, wanted to go late but in da end decided to stay out of trouble.wore red fatigue there instead of full u, didnt get pumped though, instead slacked behind the stage and play handphone game. haha, den dr boonie was like talking crap about bb, how the school cannot do without it as it helps to promote its faggy values. what shit, end up onli give us 15 ppl, stupid hairy monkey. attended class next, in red fatigue, while midget and er-wen wore their faggy uniforms displaying their faggy names. had physics,a math and chem all in a row, walao i tell u can die one man..amath was ok la, dam cheem

den was recess, and i am now officially a fan choy fan.yay! the china fags are at it again, depriving me of food. fuck you fags! i might consider tearing their 1 jiao currency in front of them if this happens again X)went to 3E class with fatsodus, ahaha i juz discovred another use of the fat one lehh, when u see a teacher, ask fatsodus to stuff ur food underneath his shirt, and the fats will swallow it all up, teachers wont notice a thing^^
and omg how dumb can the faggy sc get, getting food out of the canteen is as easy as getting free sex with chiong my lan-.- encountered some resistance at 3E class in the form of a faggy sc. fuck you you dumb fag, i went to put my donut and chocolate milk outside, and some ahbeng guy come kp me abt the litter. fuck man, stare at me, so stare at them also la, shit la, stupid bengs.go be contractor and wear yellow boot la _|_

hcl next, stupid chenzehou was.. hmm.. better than usual i guess? group work was much betta than last week =) heheh, and eng next, skip my turn again song bo, means monday den present lo xD . geog next, stupid fake yalam gimme green form, den later go see my handphone the ”sexy girls”, which is actaully final fantasy x-2 the yuna -.-. still talking about wad am i interested in contours. holyshit, caves are better can =X

dismissed!and went for faggy bb, we had a new officer which is chen the holy knight, who is a maths teacher like mokker and poh, hope that he doesnt carry on the other legacy of our bb coy officers, which is to have barren islands on their heads!!:O saw the new recruits as well, another legacy has fallen, that of the fats: wilson, cheehong, zhikang(fatsodus), shenzhen, you have served us well.goodbye fats!we shall miss you!! christian edu 1st which was boring as hell, and drills which was super song and fun!! its dam song to command dem, haha we make them salute to sec1s and gave them many oppotunites to adjust/slack haha. morale was quite high i think, seeing the gg running arnd, ed playing their welcome party thing hoho, in da rain summore =X but wad a downer: the shirt is black noooo.. pt next, which is juz a run arnd the school, so lame lo..zzz wad faggy planning..

went home and den to the no signboard seafood to eat for dinner with uncle family. dam song the food but i dam sleepy la, no mood to eat. ahha speaking of signboard, there is a SURPRISE at the end of this post haha,read on..and den i went home to sleep yeaa

woke up at 6.45 to pei the two midgets,benjamin and jinhan to aq haha. den on da way we gave them a quiz and some clues. midget01 take like dam long to guess the name la, the clue dam obvious summore, finally guessed it when we told him that the name rhymes with dagon xD alighted at marine parade and walked there, hoho i rented a bike but wth, i was made to carry 4 bags-.- yeaa cycled 14km \/^^ after dat we went to katong to play lan, the bangla joined us later, woot funfun, sniper and necrolyte, 22-4 and 11-1 scores hoho went for makan next, thks bangley for treating nasi lemak =)sat the bus home and koped bangley’s sweets along da way. crapped a lot on the bus la haha. reached pasir ris dam fast and the aq dudes+ a food+ me went to midget01’s house, woot his house is the best man! wont get robbed one la, firstly the door cannot open, secondly there is nothing to rob, and thirdly its dam messy la. found some visual goodies in the cupboard ^^, theres this baby skateboard of midget’s la, fucking cute man, and den went to play balls dwnstairs, but end up at the fitness corner wtf, trained how to be a bus driver haha, and played with the fitness stuffs there hehe. left later and pei jinhan to the busstop where he wait for the bus home. haha 100m later, i finally reach home yay!!

hoho, the treat has come, take a look at this,

yea, good job to whoever did this, pls go dismantle the one in front of the parade square next!

hoho kk gotta go guys, cya


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