hey guys, posting again>.< today’s school was so-soish, and now theres something to note: due to people complaining of excessive vulgarities in the posts, i have decided to change all instances of the term ”fuck” to ”wank” now, so for example, if i am displeased with something, i would say that it is wanked up, ppl who i wanna criticise will be named wankers, get it? good, now read

started off with taking a cab to school, wow the taxi driver forgot to press the taxi meter!! den when he reach faglican, he was like What Da Wank? den i tell him, 2.50 ke yi ma? in da end can la, although he seemed wanking pissed, but i got a extremely cheap taxi ride=D hoho, went down for assembly where chua chee bye started cutting off ppl’s hairs dat were too long, jinhan and ben both tio, midget escaped cos the fagging shortie couldnt his fellow fagging hobbit him thru the tall pples=)bah,

eng 1st, think i screwed up my presentation very badly, din read most of the text cos i couldnt see dem, oh godwankit.. SEl was plain crap, the personality test say i am slacker? wth, this year i gonna piapiapia liao, no mre slacking!physics and chem back to back periods made me wish i had some science genius sitting next to me instead of a silly, dumb, lame ,dots, sweat, diao midget. and now recess has turned into a hungry man’s hellhole. the queues are gettin worse everyday, and the onli option left is kopitiam T.T, had the usual fanchoy with coffee, and den went back to class. btw, whats ur problem man, u kop our food we dun give a wank, when we kop ur food u act all wanked up? wank off la..

history is a boring lesson that teaches us abt old wankers who have wanked too much and caused historical events-.- seriously its boring, geog fails to provide me with any more excitement, with da fake yalam being infatuated with rain, and throwing us questions like throwing baguas..cant even sleep in any periods anymore, and was having a gastric relapse during those few hours, sorry if u had to see my constipated face>.< ouch, after dat was amath, the moment mr poh stepped in, ppl laugh due to preceding events of today=D hoho, im beginning to understand wad hes teaching us now^^ yeaa looks like theres still some hope, hcl next, and the funny thoughts of chenzehou culminated in my mind juz exploded when he started teaching, omg couldnt stop laughing at him,midget even thought of a song for him o.o, chen yuan jia

chen chen chen chen chen chen chen chen,
chen jia de hua yu zui hao -.-

hmms well, den finally was emath, had a sub-interesting lesson with the bagua boy, hmm dis guy is fun, we called him bagua and he dun give a wank ^_^ maths is pretty fun afta all..den its walking down the hill in da RAIN, dunno why its raining everyday now..is it because rain is coming? someone please go bomb his aeroplane or something-.-, stupid faggy GO din gimme a goddamn umbrella, still stick the FHS CARES thing inside, wank it man…ended up using my own uber small umbrella, which nelson the fag broke lata-.- ended up chionging thru the rain in a broken umbrella to the busstop. take 12 and go to !pasir ris! where ben and jinhan go trim their hair..trying to fix it, but now it looks even worse, ben’s back hair-line can go challenge bong eng kiat’s 180degree fringe liao..ate western food and talked a while.. went home afta tat haha..

ok, got some homework to do, see ya later


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