what a sucky day today la..zzz, and da school’s sudden water cut doesnt make it any better. seriously, if you wanna print songbooks for da students, at least pay the fagging PUB bill too? damnit.. HCL first of all, and whats more its in dbl periods-,- chou ze hou cant teach at all, he should really consider other career alternatives…made us read the faggy kewen and played da dumb disc for us to hear, like leongying said, primary school style la..SS is my most fav subject now, though i suspect its just because the teacher is good=D. emath with bagua boy can realy screw up ur day,sprang a surprise test on us-.- haha managed t answer dem all though^^

recess next, reached late but thankfully two kind souls daryl and da bangla let us cut da queue, lol behind us da ppl were staring at us, but who cares, i need FOOD=D chem next, and the dear wanker monitor didnt tell da class to go chem lab, so we ,reach late..hmm next is history LOL, that period was fun.. mr yeow made fun of nicholas AHAHAHHA, dam funny man, amath next and poh taught us somne alpha beta shit. Eng is boring as always, tiongho told a cold joke provded by pat wong, which everybody got but nobody laughed at, to make it worse she repeated it-.- come on..sometimes you just need a racist joke to spice things up=P

we went for assembly where i sat next to foam again, had to bring those faggy songbooks(our water) down for singing. deres this stupid faggy wanked up voice singing la, and i dun mean yongsheng or da girl, i mean DA FAG BENEDICT, holy shit, if god was hearing that he would be crying. talked with foam on how those songbooks sucked so much. later dere was this guy coming to talk about aeroplanes-.- went to sleep though, so boring, but CAPTAIN GAN seems interested^^

and it looks like da NCCs aka PCCs have finally found something new to do. instead of being clothed in primal jungle wear or doing drills with cute umbrellas, they have now turned to the laundry business. Toting bamboo poles which are used to hang wet clothes to dry, they perform drills under the scorchinghot sun. i heard that they are offering drying services, just clip ur wet clothes to the poles, and they will spin it around for you! wow, what a cheap alternative to drying machine. ok, i have thought of a new name for them. From this day forward, thou shall be known as da LAUNDRYMAIDS!!

took a cab home with chongrui, ben and fatsodus, dammit da uncle almos dun let us sit cos fatsodus was taking up too much space>,< 6 bucks altogether, went home changed, and went to TM for da class gathering, heng i tapau macs, cos i din get the free grubs dat were promised-.- walk arnd a while, spied on wymer’s crush, lingered around the neoprint store, and went home, holy hell.. i overslept on da bus.. ended up having to walk a long way home-.-

hmm whats this i see? pizza on da table!! yeaa song man pizza hut for dinner, and prata for breakfast tomoro, SONGGG!!!

gotta go guys, take care


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