yeaa man, today is such a fun day, started off with waking up at 720 and meeting chongrui and ben downstairs, took da bus to pasir ris to meet fatsodus, who now wants to gain weight to be a company leader, and weijian. reached simpang at around 815? ordered 2 plain pratas and 1 mino dino. 3.70 wtf? dat time go with jonathan, 2dino, 3 plain 3 egg onli abt 8 bucks..Wanked up banglas anyhow count one-.- stupid nicholases..walked up the fagging hill next, phew, so tiring man, and the fagged bangla curry was starting to gimme stomachache>.< arrived at 8.45 puff, went to class for assembly and then to PE! Hmm, 175cm,60kg. fagg it, i needa lose some weight, and its good to be da PE rep, was wearing ankle socks and chuagege din give a wank, he scolded this other girl though=p ran(or rather, walked) for 6 minutes and den went down for street soccer, beat da gay NCCs 5-4 woots, and came back in time for bong’s physics. went to toilet with chongrui to freshen up, ZOMFG WHICH PROASS DID THIS?

cool man, so thats the radar that turns on the lights when you come in, and offs them when nobody is inside, cos dr boonie cant afford the expensive PUB bill now, so she has installed this piece of advanced techonolgy from the future, some pro guy threw toilet papers at it haha, den its looks like da water is BACK!! HEY BUT WTF, why does onli one water cooler work??hmm dr boonie muz have onli paid half the PUB bill and spent da rest on bananas..recess sucked cos bong dismissed us late, ate toast and whitegrape tea..and sneaked a lemon tea up for yingzhi, zz din get paid, but im getting so good at this, so i had an idea…

Kenneth’s Take-Out Services
100% guaranteed delivery to classroom
A low 20 cents per order

woah, support ok? geog next, but da SIM didnt come, so we slacked again in class, bluetoothing people with gay aliases, and chenzehou gave a scolding cos some ppl like me din go for remedial-.- read some dumb compo thing but fell asleep in the end, seriously its so boring la..SS next which owned, went to the eagle’s nest and watched a video, but i fell asleep on the suprisingly comft cushions.woot, 35mins of pure bliss, heard SM lee talk some crap in the video, but cant remember wad =O emath next, song, pop quiz get 10/12, song song SONG!!, and da uncle cleaner came to scrape the toilet paper off da ceiling, he took this uber wanking long pole, omfg, but he failed la,the tissue all dry le so cannot remove, din seem too happy=D .eng last and it sucked bad, pat wong’s english standard sucks like no tomorrow,and giving us advanced worksheets doesnt help to cover it up at all-.-
went to 3D to look for da BB peeps, den went to the bb meeting, quick one and den me,chongrui,mingjun,jinghan and ben went to bedok terminal to eat, yum carrot cake, and the 1.20 lychee drink is like DAM BIG la. saw this at the hawker centre area, have a look ba..

so guys, have fun at chai’s gym=)
later jinhan went to fix his braces, so we slacked around for a while, and saw this cool hip-hop auntie walking around, cool man her headphones..den jinghan came back 30mins later, and we walked back. on da way da midgets decided to show off their midgety skills..

aww, so cute.. take the 17 bus back, and saw tits ‘R’ us at the terminal, mingjun bought his lollipop and we boarded the single decker=X, squeezy, we saw this fag who din look like a guy or a girl, so inconsiderate one zz. experimented around with jinghans phone, woah the picture taking skills is so good la^^ reached the busstop and waited for jinghan’s bus to come, after that we walked home phew..what a long day

thanks for da fun guys, shall go recruit training tmr and see you all bullying the poor midgety ones. gdnite=D


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