very bad day, seems like heaven is bent on giving me alternating good and sucky days la..started off with going down for assembly, oh my god, BENEDICT IS A BIG FAT STINKING FAG LA, walan his speech dam long seh..tok tok tok tok tok tok tok, his prayer also pro la, onli reverend low’s one is longer den his x) went to the toilet with chong rui, and it looks like the toilet papers are still stuck on the ceiling, looks like the slacker cleaner uncle didnt manage to clean it off; if this keeps up, the school will soon have to bring in da brothers of cleaniness:hassan and ah eng! wow. physics lab taken by leejiehan was quite fun, got to use the micrometer thing, den went back to class for amath, poh teaching us more on the alpha and beta shit..bleh so boring la.. chem next and this sucked la.. basically we learnt how to make an odour that almost rivals that of haonan, the whole damn lab was stinking of that fagging smell. finished da experiment early and had fun burning random stuff around the lab=D ehh but wad the hell, the teacher make us do the worksheet, walao end up we late for recess la..nabeicheebongwanker!! had fanchoy=X and aloetea again haizz…

dbl hcl periods with chen jie lun next, omg..we wrote this compo on GRASS! WTF LA,so stupid the topic summore must write 800 words one..managed to pia thru it while listening to jaychou’s geqian and tuihou repeatedly,haha finished the compo at the end of period leh!!songggg!!! eng with patrick wong sucks, just sucks, SUCKSSS!!
jonchia,haonan,yc, chong rui and me did da oats wave, where we keep calling jem oats haha=P the sim is finally back-.- thought she wont come one la, nabei, almost had my handphone out when she walked in..and looks like she still a bit sick..keep coughing everywhere..hmm wonder what HEATY stuff she ate xD

after school went to 4th floor go walk arnd a bit, met shangbo and made fun of him, den got this bloody wanking fag walk past shout ”OI”. Nabei man, you think you got a mole the size of zhikang’s stomach on your elbow very big ah? F*cker..den went to the recruit training, actually wan to eat macdonalds and see them do drill one, but wtf! the bloody coke spill on da floor, end up having to mop it up instead, walao i wanted to suan them one but end up i look like some retard mopping the concourse floor-.- kacaued the stjohns by knocking into them while they are falling in and went home..

tmr got bb wahh sian… i go polish my stuffs 1st la, kk tmr shall be a new start^^ 2 1/2 more months ppl! must work hard le!! after dat want to slack den can slack=P


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