back from BB. yea BB rocks man!! ENTHU ENTHU M0RE 2 MONTHS!! heh. today…
went to 85 for breakfast with chongrui and ben, bought the ”kaya toast set”, dam messy la zz, still have to order da toasts seperately-.- ok now its BB time, fell in den some fag call me, da huang jin jia theme play, walao den oi pump me for rejecting da call-.- blehh, CE is boring, drills was quite fun, learnt how to command drills, games was soccer, mob-style>.< went back to 85 for lunch and left for katong to play lan later with cr,ben,mingjun,edmund,cherng ru,wilson,juehua and keyang.dota first, haha clinkz is so imba, cs, omfg, that boat map is damm FUN MAN. dota again later, drow this time, and lata we played the singaporemaul-.- waste time.. left lan at 5.55pm, woot, bought bubble tea and waited for da next 12 to come cos the bus driver din see chongrui=D we discovered keyang has ****!! aiya dun say here la..boarded da bus home, took an interesting picture of WILSON KOH

hehheh. talked arnd abt future in BB, cherng ru said to aim for Ops-.- hopeless la, keane will get it, and mok would sooner grow a thick crop of hair than give me that post, so its better to focus on ASL!hahahahah. mm went home, and now waiting for ppl to play with.

gonna past the time with listening to music, seeya


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