wassup, juz saved my blog from some fagging bugs, thanks yingzhi for helping at this late hour=D,
dbl post today!

went early to school with chongrui to do homework, completed and went down for assembly la, hear chuagege talk abt huangjinjia, he say he didnt go to see jay chou, and he also din go for gongli’s boobs, so wad did he go for…hmm. eh! ahha he muz have gone to develop his gay tendencies while watching the macho bodies of da soldiers.i bet he was wanking away in da cinema while the prince was naked in bed=P

eng 1st, 50yearold gave me 21/40 for english kanina..nabei nabei. now im trying to learn how to project her virginal voice. “Morning class, i am the 50year old virgin coming to teach english although i know i cant do it.” bleh.
Dbl SEL next, zz and that was followed by physics, all boring lessons so i shall skip.chem sucked balls too.
so its recess, help ppl tapau food from canteen, almoz get caught by sc but manage to sneak off=P hehe.

history,geog, amat, hcl, emath all boring, SKIPPED! went to beach road with juehua pei keane to buy recruit stuff, end up the shop closed-.- went to bugis and eat kfc den visited the sex shop at bugis market for awhiles=D go library next, nabei, wan borrow book one, den they dun let me borrow cos i owe dem fines, FAGG!! read a while and took the 12 bus home, on the way saw a toyota MR-S , cool car, here it is.

mmm. went home and watched the Let it Shine show. slept at 8.30 shuang=D

devotion nth relli interesting happen,so went to class for HCL. sian man he ask us write the chun lian, i wrote this
chou chou chou chou chou chou chou chou, wang jia zui chou jiu shi hao nan
ok la, so its not that good, but theres some effort at least rite?heh. had nth to do after that so i made these.

choujielun’s album Ba Li Chou

and his latest compilation, Smelly Fantasy!

haha,so emath next, quite easy la, learn abt the sign thing. physics 180degree fringe nvr come, so we slack in class. den i found this new guy to suan, the guy dat OI us da other day. faggy moley. db english period is crap, menopausal virgin laptop dun have bluetooth one wtf. stupid useless piece of junk..
ate yongtaufoo at recess, wad a scam.2.10 for noodle soup and a soggy nugget. yuck. smuggled food up but was stopped by sc. but he heck care. so i managed to escape again =P

boring ass chem. emath after that sucks too. amath will kill, if it doesnt mr poh’s expressions will>.< ss last. had the pop quiz dat i din study for. so when they ask wat are the problem of aging population.i write this crap..
1.cannot take part in asian soccer cup
2.cannot participate in miss world paegeant
3.lowest sexual activity resulting in low childbirth
4.biggest percentage of menopausal women
ok, i dun think da teacher will give me very high for this. letshope for da best though=D
went to 3D to meet the BB ppl, they went aq while me and juehua stayed behind to pei jinhan thru his detention. it seems chuagege cut his hair. now its short. hmm faggy ass, he muz have taken some of jinhan ‘s hair and stuck to his hairless pubic areas..later they come back but its too late to watch movie le, dats our original plan, so we just went home lo. and heres some pictures of the school management you might want to see.

our beloved 5th floor cleaning uncle, who didnt manage to clear off the toilet paper from the radar and is now crying and slacking at the same time as he is afraid dr boonie will fire his ass.

chai chee bye. beware, his voice will destroy your ears.

uncle hassan and ah eng, the fearsome brothers of cleaniness!

hehe, let it shine gonna start soon!! yeaa shall leave u here, and watch that poorly produced yet strangely alluring drama


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