hey there, had a good day today? i didnt. today was one of the worst days ever IMO. hmm. lets think…
started off with the faggy devotion, holy wank its the servant-talent thing again, how many fagging times has that story been told for wank’s sake? chuagege then went to inspect 3c and 3d, phew.
hcl opened up our lessons, slept thru chenjielun’s lesson, cos was watching kungfu mahjong 3 until 2am yesterday, dam tired>< i was sleeping so peacefully la, den i heard this knocking at my table, and i look up to see a fat china fag staring at me. managed to listen to a bit of the kewen before felling asleep again, den someone poke me, looks like it was haonan, and chen made me read the wusong beat tiger kewen. walan eh.. dam tired la. core human the SIM come in with her OHP lesson, walan eh so boring la, she ask if any other SIMS in the class, wank it la, if she is a real SIM i bring her go bagua shop le, buy the whole load of 100kg bagua and let her eat. ss was boring, ms khoo tried to make it interesting but how fun can note-taking get? emath next, stupid hamdam drag our time la, nabei man. almoz din get to eat la..as they say, do good deeds and christ will bless you. somebody should have tell him, do good deeds and allah will bless you la-.- ate the chinese kitchen at recess, $2.30 but its dammm FILLING la.. nvr had such a good meal in days^^
chem is shit, bleh skip it, history went to 3F, had somemore note-taking and insulting of nicholas there, LOL miss india!! amath poh came in, den he suspect that somebody call him barney, den he went arnd the room giving his barney expressions. his sums are killer though..eng last GOOD AFTERNOON CLASSS bleh, she make us present the letter thing, boriinng…
went for assembly, lucky not expressions, otherwise i might juz kill the faggy benedict for his singing. first the uber baldy give us this talk on jc stuff, fell asleep halfway cos its so boring, chiong my lan come talk when i wake up, she say wat, if you get 254 marks for psle you should be getting 6 marks for o lvl? screw her rotten and mouldy cave man.later got this video on Chiangrai CIP, walao they help to make road and do shit there.. and their living condition is like construction worker one. walan eh, this kind of hellhole who wan to go? summore muz sign up one..jiak sai la.cant even go bangkok shopping, you must be a wanking fag if you wanna go dere..
went to 3d again to meet keane and the bb ppl, wait them finish meeting den we went to beach road to buy the pants, juehua also go. the shop open la, but the pants is..FBT-LOOKALIKE SHORTS OMFG, since when did the recruits become netballers who wan to show off their thighs? but the company budget is really bollocks la, 3 bucks each shorts, what kind of shit can you buy with that? wanted to buy a staffsergeant field rank put on my bag but they dun sell dere, looks like i have to make a trip to bbHQ on friday!hehe..went home after that.
juz finished watching let it shine. the young kids cant act..but dunno why i wanna watch it. dunno la.
hmm and today is part 2 of the choujielun album parodies, did these in chinese class cos i was dam bored there, enjoy!

chou yuan jia album cover, where choujielun is a martial art fighter. he leaves his opponents fainting barely a few seconds after battles start cos of his body stench. however, in the final battle, he is poisoned by his own odour and dies of nosebleed as a result while presenting in front of the audience in english lesson.

initial w, a movie-tie in soundtrack where choujielun drove a ae86 around mount stinkyna delivering smelly tofus. his tofus are made by his BO, so naturally it is dam stinky and thus many people buy it. along the way he learns to drift, using his natural body gas as nitrous oxide, he manages to defeat many racers. soon his fans give him the nickname of king of wankers.

hehheh, its english common test tmr ppl! have fun! PE too! seeya at our faggily beloved school!


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