i liked today=)
woke up at 7-.- changed quickly and ran through pasir ris park to white sands7.15, bought macdonalds7.20, take taxi to ahs 7.40 phew! walao i thought i was going to miss the test>< i think i did ok=) but later nc koh come kaopei me about stapling the papers together, nabei! took off pants and went down for PE. couldnt play soccer cos of the rain. played basketball with 3L boys and later captain ball with dat sec 2 class..its siao. when u get the ball the girls(and a faggy gay)will crowd around you, catscratch you and scream. omfg..=O i noticed that when haonan got the ball, nobody dare to crowd him though=D wonder why…ong didnt come so we laze arnd in class, halfway this sub teacher miss bo came in, dunno wad she trying to teach also-.- went down for early recess^^ CHIKKIN RICE!! haha. and i discovered a new way to sneak past SCs. u know the counselling centre drink machine? there no SC one leh! so after you buy, you can sneak up directly! woah!
later SIM came to class, she speak and whisper and shout all use the same volume one la, looks like shes gonna die or fall sick soon.. voice very very wheezy le..anyway heres a poem for you, SIM

Stupid Idiot Moron
3 different types of idiots
mixed into the same yalam
you dun rock, you retard!

zzz.this is probably why i din take lit>< haha juz made another album of choujielun today.

ba du chou wei, holy shit isnt one dimension of odour enough?

emath was easy,the sums even i also can do^^ later menopausal virgin bring us to library to read books, read the why women walk like ducks book with yc! LOL!! muz go read k? went to 85 with BB ppl like zhikang, zongzuo, nelson, chongrui and benjamin, ate this stupid scammy $2 wanton mee that taste a lot like instant noodle-.- took a retarded picture of nelson goh!

heh, later he went lan with cds ppl, so we took the 17 home, chongrui had to pay 1.40 cos he didnt have his ezlink-.- walked home after alighting and saying bye to zongzuo and fatsodus(BLUBBB BLUBB LBUBB BLUBB)

hmm so let it shine is starting soon, i think i shall go watch it now, but i shall leave with a parting picture and some thoughts.

guys, im sure you all have seen this cute looking brown doggy wandering around faglican high. but have YOU ever wondered. What is it? Where did it come from? Why does it look so faggily brown? hmm i have thought for very very very long time, and have managed to figure it out.
THE DOG IS ACTUALLY CHAI CHEE BYE! hmm you know since Chai is such a dog, following dr boonie’s orders like a stupid dog and bullying kids, he has developed canine behavioural symptoms. as you know he doesnt have a dick like the rest of us, so he is unable to erect. however, this brink of horniness must be sublimed into some other form, causing him to morph into the guise of a dog whenever he feels horny=O beware of the doggy ppl, stay away from it if youre wearing short skirts or look hot, or it might rape you!



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