sup, nice enjoyable day today=D
lilykoh came in to deliver us some bad news, payments! aww dammit! 2 periods of slacking comforted the classroom mood considerably, in time for amath, where poh did some suprisingly easy sums. chem killed my brains considerably, it was so boring..and whats more she release us late leh!! walao oui..
ate fanchoy and tapau lemon tea up, thanks matthew mohan=D
dbl hcl.. argh. czh bored the hell out of us with crap. slept for 10 mins, lucky he dint see=P eng is crap as usual, aizz nvm, geoggy, the SIM wasted another period talking gay crap…
went to meeting, dam u kahkee, den changed into black shirt behind the notice board and went to BBHQ woo song! keane and mj met me and juehua later there, we saw a lot of dam cool bb stuff, and me and juehua bought 2 staff sergeant field ranks^^

hahaha, cool eh? went back to anglican high with mj and keane, they did their Recruit Instructor stuff, i slacked at concourse steps and see guides get tekan.. managed to take a pic of them being pumped..they seem quite pissed off at me for doing this though =O

heh, left later and suan everybody with my ssg field rank, ate at 85 and took the 17 home, tried to help jinhan take pic with his phone but it was too dangerous>< urgh..
ok, im gonna play now, but before that, have a look at this

credits to yanchin for the photoshopping=D

kk take care. gdnite=D bb tomorow aiyaa..


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