woah, tiring day at bb today..shall make this fast, wanna sleep soon
went to macs to eat with juehua. late for parade-.- aiya. den we play some indoor game la, blanket game and some lame faggoty drawing game. later we went to dip our hands into this bucket thing. eh wait, is not ”we”, is the brave recruits!! heh den jinhan noticed this evil plan by bangladesh to invade our homeland.

you know rite, these grass cutters, they take their grass cutter machine and cut our grass, is all a evil plan to make us die of oxygen-suffocation leh! when there is less grass, less oxygen, so we will die sooner=X and they dam evil hor, put those machine on their bag, spraying petrol into the atmosphere, is trying to kill us!ahh!! faggy banglas!!
played around with water bombs at field later, and theres a rule, cannot hit the CLTs. threw 2 bombs, one hit CLT london bastard head, but heck care him la. den throw another one at guniang slyvester’s lanjiao, he scream omfg! my ear almost got destroyed>.<
did a lot of situps today at bb>< went home after that. hehheh later chongrui came over to my house to do the blogs. have a look.
Chong Rui

not bad eh? done in under 2 hours too =D went down to test the smoke bomb with him, but it was a failure, ended up burning the whole bloody pingpongball to a crisp instead of producing smoke. looks i have a lot more to work on. if it is successful, i am going to plant one inside a toilet=D hehheh..

ok gonna sleep now, but before i go, heres a little something for you.
what do you call an englishman with a blade? ans:knight
what do you call a japanese with a blade? ans:samurai
what do you call a orc with a blade? ans: blademaster
what do you call a bangladesh with a blade? ans: grass cutter

take care=D


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