stupid hcl, chenzehou gave me 14/30 for the questions thing. the question is ah. if you are yue fei what will you do with ur medal thing? so i write, i will make a room to display the medal, when ppl visit my house they can see, and i will feel dam bigshot! then ah, got 1 question gave me 1 mark wtf? zzz
did indices with mr selamat, boring as pat wong><
engkiat came, finally hes back, continued with his vector shit.
watched a hitler video for history. seems like hitler hates jews =O, like some people hate banglas
chem and amath is shit as usual, and ms khoo din come for ss today. i hope she is ok, but its quite a good thing also, as we get to slack in class.
and today, we had a lot of fun playing with haonan’s bread la lmfao, kicking the stale bread around. the pieces are like scatter all over the floor, and the slacker cleaning uncle dun care^^
went home after school with zhikang. on the way down changcheng, we saw some bras o.o

woot, i wonder who these belong to=X
now that i have reached home, i find that i have nothing to do, so i had thought of a lame joke to share with u all.

once, there was three people, a englishman, a honky, and a bangladeshi construction worker escaping from the japanses nippon army. they chanced upon three sacks, of ducks, chickens and potatos. so they hid in them. as the jip-pun soldiers passed, they stab their bayonet into each of the sacks, when they jab into the chicken, the angmoh boy say, cluck cluck. when they jab into the duck, the honky fag say, quack quack. but when they jab into the potato sack, the dumb bangladeshi boy say,potato potato. so the japenises managed to catch them and bring them to the headquarters.
they decided to shoot the three idiots dead. the englishmen went first, but when they about to shoot him, he say tsunami, tsunami! the kuku japenises were afraid and hid away. so the london bastard managed to escape. then the honky went next, although honkies arent that smart, this honky managed to scare the japenises off by flashing his hongkongfeet at them, and saying hongkong gas! the japs couldnt resist the odour and ran away. den it was the bangladeshi construction worker turn, he try to follow the other two’s example and say, fire fire!! so they fire. BAM BAM and the dumb bangla is dead.=D



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