omfg, i din post yesterday, no time la need to study chem ok!
aiya sian la, woke up after 10hrs, ate macs with zhikang, chongrui and mj, end up we late for 1min need to stay back for 2hrs! walan eh what a bad deal man..must not be late again!heng chua nvr conduct his famous hair and attire check, my fringe managed to survive phew>.< sian la dun feel like toking about yesterday that much, its really very boring, though we prankcalled the kfc and re-enacted the visa advertisement where they girl wanted to buy live birds for her its like this la..
the kfc guy:yes, may i take your order?
me: my brother is going on a journey today. i would like to wish him good fortune
kfc guy: can i have ur contact number?
me: no you cant have it.
kfc guy:ohh then where is the delivery place?
me:changi airport terminal 1 please
kfc guy: oh ok i call u back later. need to check details
LOL.dam hilarious to hear his response.
haha went home after the stupid detention. studied chem and slept^^
dam tiring day. had comp lab straight after devotion. we thought that patwong brought us to comp lab to fiddle with our blogs, but who knows is to watch boring ass video. and ok, we watched the video for 50 mins about bloody egypt. den patwong told us about timelime for 1 minute. wtf..went back to class and slacked for 15mins
-.- wad poor planning… core geog and emath is boring, den chem got that chem test, aiya tikamed through, hope can get some marks for CA
dbl sel, koh went thru admin with us=2 slacking periods. physics lab later, the eagle creed teacher was there, dunno why, go be least the last time the bitchy assistant has been fired^^ walan last time i broke 1 glass and she kp me like hell..
went bb after that. poh show us this video that he thought is nice. actaully we also thought is nice. but it is dam..err..boring. slept a while and woke up in time to hear this funny part when moses raised the sea..
moses: god raises the sea with a blast of his nostril
after a while,
moses: none can withstand god’s will
hmm sounds like a scene from warcraft=O
had drills, sian, and pt later, walan dam tired after all that, went home and took shower. legs got blisters from wearing boots in ankle socks>< oww hope they heal soon
hmm by the way, i think you have noticed that the 5th floor boys toilet has its toilet paper back. ahh song, now can finally shit in peace xD



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