ahhh,quite long nvr post liao ah, dam busy studying for tests, 4 test in 1 week>< yucks. heh triple post today.
woo devotion was taken by 2 students playing with the flagpole, good morning dr bon. LOL. i think is they purposely one, hehheh good one. a lot of crap after that when they apologise, and then devotion is over
walan leh, chongrui and me tio scolded by chua for throwing the paper aeroplane from the toilet area there, can u believe it, such a coincidence, and when we came out the toilet he was camping there, ahh! den we go pick up rubbish from the field, and see chua whacking inanimate objects with his cane o.o woo poor plastics. ahh anyway got some saikang to do for the next week=( goddammit. geog sux, i think i did dam badly, gotta pass but its hard when i cant seem to pay attention to sim’s classes.. dammit..
good day. went out in the morning with juehua to marina square to buy bag, there goes my 72 dollars=( grr. saw this nice tshirt at adidas but no money to buy it liao.. aiya.next time den buy lo^^ den we go for bb, dam stupid la the cny party, kana soaked by water bombs.. den play soccer and badminton until leg and hand dam pain..faggy yonex460a racket, feels like a brick in my hand after using my titanium for so long..then we ate and played the night game, the clue dam hard la. and we did not lose though, squad one lose, but both of our squad needa forfeit, so we do some sai dance, and squad 1 tell joke to make us laugh. but i think the funniest is shenzhen. he dam power, a few words can win zongzuo’s cocking long jokexD den area clean and go home, walan 11 den reach home eh! tired like shit..
went out to bugis for lunch and new year shopping. bought this op pants, a converse jersey and a u2 longsleeve shirt. ahh i wan buy that cardigan thing, but its too ex. aiya need to wait until i get my hongbao^^ hoho den went home by little india road, omfg the traffic there is worse den china, look at the indians running around like mad china men. den went home, played dota with yc and juehua. haha pudge owning!! hmm needa sleep now.

gdnite, btw tmr got chinese spelling. argh.


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