today is such a fun day eh?
got back the geog and math quiz papers, mm 18.5 and 11, bloody hell my maths relli stinks, physics wad kinda good though, 19, and chongrui is in deepshit now, cos recruit instuctors have to see mok if they dun get above 60 for a test o.o mm den ms tay nvr come, this teacher called miss bo who looks like kenneth ho came to teach us, i dunno wad shes doing also. and in the middle of the lesson chiong my lan came to observe the lesson i think? haha they look quite similar leh! and its also today that i found out how goddamn small the girls toilet is. swiped some toilet paper from the other sex’s toilet and we saw this cramped space, like the boys toilet minus the urinals. and the area in front of the sink is like half of ours o.o heheh our toilet is still da best^^ although there is no toilet paper =( ahh that sucks la. played dota with yc and foam, mm so now im going to ntuc to buy new year stuff. gotta go..

mm 1st gotta type this lame joke out..
there was this couple, a buinessman and a sunday school teacher. they went out on a date, when the car drove past the bar, the businessman stopped and asked her whether she would like to get a drink. the sundayschoolteacher replied,” oh no, what would i tell my pupils?”. pissed off, the man drove on, to a convenience store next. when he asked if she would like some cigars, she replied,” ohno, i couldn’t smoke, what would i tell my students?” really pissed off now, he drove on to a hotel, figuring that he had nothing to lose, he asked her whether she wanted sex. this time she agreed. the man then asked,” what would you tell your students?” the woman replied, ” the same thing i always do, you dont have to drink or smoke to have a good time.”



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