these few days are so boring. and theres a parade tomorrow-.- dam dulan to go, but nvm juz go lo. ok the few things that happened. wednesday was that chinese new year celebration thing, got some people dress until dam revealing, dont they know that one look reveals all=D watched or should i say slept and talked throughout the performances as i couldnt see a shit with all the goddamn big heads blocking me, and the faggy alumni on the upper level dam guailan, make noise like just win 4d liddat bunch of assholes. ong eng kiat was a nice refresher in his bright yellow shoes and shorts lol. then walking down the hill saw some ppl who dress funny, like they from the black parade, going to treat or trick instead of chinese new year, wearing those satanic anti-christ, anti-humanity costumes, make them look like goth monsters instead of the goth chicks they endeavour to be. skull-motif high socks, with cross-signs on your black colour suit, added with the heavy black eyeliner makeup, makes you look like a queen of pain fresh from hell. wow but i think they heard us talking about them, so they must have made voodoo dolls and stuck pins into them to curse us, my bloody back hurt the next day, ouch. mm so hongbaoing was quite a failure, im broke once again=D also found this rather interesting blog, dun wan type out here, later spread spread not so nice to dat person liao. boring parade order seems that tomorrow there will be drills and pt-.- goddammit, the monotony is killing. every parade same old shit, every week do liao will become dam sian and tired of bb one, no wonder the attitude of bb is shit now. mm nth much to post about, polishing boots and belt now, dota later. heres some food for thought about darkterror, the faceless void.
dont u feel just so pissed off when an ugly blue long-nosed freak flies in from nowhere and opens his blue umbrella of doom? lol.


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