Ahs seems to be undergoing major revamps here and there, such as the hiring of new NIE teachers. After the legendary nazzul in sec 2 , i cant say i think very highly of them. and u have this indian guy called vishnu or wtf his name is teaching us rugby-.- his lifelong ambitions is to overthrow sally lai as the HOD of english like his shifu mr adrian sunilwartha was, to get punched by victor, to speak in a irritating nigga accent, to drive a black mazda 6 ”niggamobile”, and to work as a curry chef in muthu’s kitchen. it seems stupid from the start, and it gets worse when he pumps you on the muddy ground, relli makes u dulan all over. Dunno why he wanna teach us rugby, maybe is he praying then this coconut drop from the tree hit his head. then he made us run here run there throwing rugby coconuts at each other, while the 3C boys had the streetsoccer court to themselves for a whole period-.- 10 weeks with the curryman, bloody hell, he’d better cook some roti pratas with pork curry for us next week. ok so we had lessons afta dat. and cos training after school. wow, end dam late at about 6.30, and we waited at 17 bus stop for da bus, missed 2 cos they were dam squeezy, and a dbl deck finally came at 7+, and i realised that this is one of da most tough training in a while when my arms started aching. oww. can feel the soreness all over. muscle ache cream shall solve it though=D

Lesson learnt today, when you receive demerits, shut up and sign the paper, or not you could be given extra demerits for ‘open defiance’. Other stuff happened also, like chenzehou using his made in china rice bowl to template his hair, the last minute chinese test that we did not expect. ahh ****, my chinese avg is gonna drop even more-.-

Physics tomorrow, Chem and a supposedly easy Amath coming up. Geog is on friday, and how da hell can we take the test when simahlian is busy playing with our class chinese new year decorations?

The result of this, a L1R5 of 20+ which is definitely not good enough to get into the top 5 jc, so you’ll probably end up in some crappy school like pioneer jc which no one had heard of. Good luck people.

Now go and study, or next year we’ll hear the same ranting for better O level marks. Emphasis on PSLE T-scores are alrdy filling our heads, rants rants rants, this nagging will drive us crazy one day.

Yea so go open your geography textbook and read the damn text.


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