Bored like a Frog
I am bored like icefrog without his dota map enterprise. There’s as hell nothing to do in school, other than watching the ragnarok gang wasting their lifes on ragnarok thief edition, and after a while you realise there’s no choice but to join them. Whacking the cute chickens and ants on your 240×320 pixel screen seems to make you feel even more like a loser. So today, I whacked the critters through core geog, chem, chinese, the english debates and during recess o.o
physics test sucked bad, ong came early and shooed the bio ppl away, the test paper was fkin hard, left one question blank. then we went for the assembly founder’s day. this year’s event seems a little low profile, and chua managed to hoard up a bunch of handphones during the entire thing. okay so they had boon talk some stuff, the pastor guy talk more crap, a dance by alumnis and some fabulous entertainment by some imported china products. ohh you can just hear the overwhelming accent, URURURUURURURRRR, don’t you just love it when they say ‘HAO!’ Whats the point when you cant hear what they’re saying half of the time. Then they gave out the prizes to people who had done well, we witnessed more parallel imports hogging the top spots, singapore’s going to lose to those made-in-china chaps one day i tell you, we lose to them in studies, and even in music. they rap even faster than your average hip-hop nigga. that particular one with the extra honggan accent might start a career as 50 ren min bi one day, oo we’d be so ****ing owned. as they say, there are 3 ways to identify a china dude in ahs, first the new pe-t shirt they’re wearing, second the shaolin-style hair, and finally the constant saluting tomao ze dong, jinhan’s wallet would be perfect for them. yangpeng was kinda pissed cos we tried to speak like chinamen, imitating the blurry speech, and later gohchongann caught jeremiah and scolded him=/
camps are sprouting up everywhere, you have the ncc bonding camp, how da hell do u bond leaves and branches anyway. CO have their bonding/training camp. and BB has the annual shitty camp. this time they are even kind enough to increase the length. 4days 3 nights of boredom. i wonder if the almighty parent letter is valid for this camp. fond memories of last year playing counterstrike in gamers inc while the poor kids were busy building tents are still rather fresh. but then there is no choice but to go, if i pon its good game. green forms of doom will ensure it. there’s also a parade on friday-.-life is killer, we have COS training on monday which I plan to pon, tuesday and wednesday taken up by refresher courses and campcrafting bullshit, and the camp from thursday to sunday. the holiday turns out to be a 1 week vacation in hell.
back to the boredom, I dunno wad else to do except to dota and the occasional need for speed. if this keeps up i might have to start a overnight dota session. it seems fun to simulate the 24hour gaming experience with a cold air-con blowing at you. If anybody’s interested, add Pykrete on Lordaeron. Most probably playing on friday and saturday nights.
thus begins the countdown to hell: the calendar reads 5 .
prepare your excuse letters people.


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