Defence of the Aussies
After getting owned in MiRC draft game yesterday, I went back to Bnet la. Then was playing with juehua for a while, and we thought of this: join america/australia games and feed! ahha. so we host this 2 new zealand/australia games. ok the plan is to juz whack away at their heroes, and feed in the process, but it seems like after eating too much of crocodile meat, these kangeroo-lovers have become as dumb as crocodiles. the sentinel side won both o.o k so heres what happened
Game 1: Picked Alchemist the fat ugly turd. Started with 3 rings of protection=D went bottom lane with juehua the beastmaster. we just kept attacking the spectre from the start, and before he knew it he was red life, wild axes killed him and First blood was ours lol. then i bought the regen items like hood, perserverance and vanguard. for some reason the dumb aussies cant own the big fat disgusting regen, so the kill-frag was 3/5 sentinel side won 0_0 we kept scolding them “dumb aussies, nub aussies” during the game, so they got pissed of and left
Game 2: Picked Earthshaker, went top lane with juehua, got 1st blood again from the dragon knight at top, bought battlefury,dagger,linkens and bot. echo slam owned them and its another win for the sentinels, 13-3.
Its really boring at home during the holidays, and the goddamn annual camp is in 2 days. **** la. it’s gonna be even more boring there-.- the school is the worst place you can find to have a camp. during the night, the feeling is dam scary, like there are pontianaks running around. every year they do the same tent pitching shit, the ****ed up uniform changing and bloody nightwalk. damn, the holiday is gone just like that.
oh btw, if anybody’s good with photoshop, maybe you could help me to improve on this,

the squad 2 logo, its made from paint-.-”’ juz get the pic from here and touch it up a bit, cos im a noob at photoshop. screw the magic wand tool.

Conclusion: Crocodile hunters are Dota Noobs


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