Just before you become addicted to Crossfire LAN , just before you drink your bandung, just before you gorge yourself on Indian pratas…

A sudden abundance grasps within your stomach. You flashed through at least 4 pratas in the past week, all of which were genuine Indian produce.


It smells. You withdraw and hesitate off the suspiciously prepared Milo Dino. Eventually, you give up.

You think twice about what you were about to order, you know you feel silly, yet you shake it off smugly with a smirk on the face. You proceed to the prata counter as the guailan Indian stares at you for being yellow. A rush of stupidity shoots up all over, you shiver.

Within minutes, your 5 kosong pratas have arrived. Pieces of pratas crumble off like flakes of dandruff off your unwashed hair. Above which, a smile of idiocy, followed by a sinister laughter and retarded expressions. Step by step, you tuck in with Niggalos spouting racist jokes in your ear, spicing up your exotic Indian cuisinistic experience even more.

You leave the table as you encounter over-stuffing, collapsing on the smelly Indian carpet.

It was obvious that you were really full of curry.

You gorged not because you liked eating Indian flour dipped in Indian gravies…

you gorged not because you had something against Chitandra and his coconuts…

you gorged,
because you had forgotten to register for CAPL.


Crossfire LAN. Heaven or hell?
Within days of its opening in Simpang Bedok, it has attracted crowds of students from AHS, Bedok Green Secondary School, and more of your usual neighbourhood faculties.The reason: a low rate of $1.50 an hour, and the allowance of school uniforms to be worn inside the venue. z0r indeed, the computers are nothing to laugh at either, when you have $100 Logitechs for your fingers to click away on. It was fun there, Victor and Nigga from 3F, as well as foam came along, and we played a 4v4 against these two retainees from AHS, i think one of them is frederick from 3C, and 2 other neighbourhood school slackers. Here’s the lineup:

Drow Ranger(Victor)
Anti Mage(Nigga)

Tiny( Retainee A)
Queen of Pain( Retainee B)
Bane Elemental( Some Noob)
Centaur Warchief( Yet Another Noob)

We managed to win this rather easy game, and spent the rest of our time there by playing Castle Wars, some interesting game, and Pudge Wars. It’s a really z0r game I tell you. And it’s fun after the dumb PE lesson we had today. The rain was really heavy, only somebody got away by wearing a raincoat, the rest were all wet. We thought we wouldn’t have to play rugby, but suddenly Chitandra came in and broke the bad news. I swear rugby’s stupid, he should just take the rotting coconuts and make some Rendang with the instead of throwing them around. Just looking at him gives me some urge to say, ” Eh Neh, Neh, one prata bomb and mutton murtabak hor”. Then we keep laughing at him and he made us run. Aww. Somebody didn’t get his steak today.

Here’s some of the Indian jokes that Niggalos shared with us today,
If an European with a lot of money is known as a businessman, and a Chinese with a lot of money is known as a towkay, then
what do you call an Indian with a lot of money? Ans: Money Changer

What do you call an Indian with a bicycle? Ans: Rich man’s son

What do you call an Indian with a car? Ans: Car thief



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