One Place Away From the Hydrapack

The guys from BB14thCoy has won 2nd place in the Adventure Quest 2007. Wow. Finally there is a year where we don’t get the empty bronze honour roll prize. There’s another announcement that’s going into Mr Yeow’s long list of announcements for Monday. Speaking of Monday, there’s Chitandra and his smelly coconuts on Monday. We’re z0red.

Speaking of Indians, I have discovered that they can actually make some nice food like Cheese Pratas and Bandungs. Although the one at Syed Restaurant in Simpang Bedok are dumb Nehs who can’t count how many pratas you ordered. So if you bought 5 Cheese Pratas, you can say that you bought 1 kosong prata that cost 60 cents and they’ll charge you 60 cents. If this goes on, Syed Restaurant will soon be replaced by Nicholas David Sebastian’s Pratas.

I think the boys could have won if they hadn’t taken Ke Yang out. Imagine this.
The teams are desperately rushing for the win, all stinking of sweat, when out of nowhere, a superior odour pricks their noses, causing them to faint of pure torment. Suddenly, Ke Yang runs in and gets the first place for BB14Coy! Cool. They should put him in next year and get their free Hydrapacks.

City Harvest Church has rich towkays, perfect for BB donation collecting. Beware, rich fucks, your worst nightmare is coming for you in the form of a dark blue uniform.


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