COS Training

Imagine 60% attendance, immense slack attitude and impreparation. Then imagine passing COS Training with 21/30. Yes, miracles do happen, and it feels good to graduate when you barely came for half the amount of sessions, and spent your Sunday night playing when the rest of them were killing themselves with the COS Training notes. Yes I have passed, and next is the..(drum roll)

Cycling Expedition 2007

I can’t believe I got put in charge of planning this shit together with Kenneth Ho and Nelson. Although it comes with great prospects. Thus, Cycling Expedition 2007 shall be a slack camp, and Twisties shall be consumed at all times without reparations. There shall also be no striking and pitching of tents, other than Ho who might sleep in his dog cage, and the attire shall be free dress — no ugly musketries with the ugly 100-year heritage caps.

Instead of past years’ boring expeditions, this year shall be something new and fun.
There will be five groups, four consisting of company boys and the last group shall be formed from CLTs and officers. 2LT Mok shall be allowed to drive his Nissan Sunny around as the safety vehicle, with the planning committee resting and looking out for other boys’ welfare inside. They will then cycle to Desaru, where upon reaching, they will sleep for 8 hours without interruptions. The next day, there shall be no BB activites, instead all boys will slack inside their rooms playing cards or other stuff. This is due to the fact that we are all lazy. On the last night, there will be a nightwalk; a scaring committee shall be set up in order to enforce terror upon the company as well as the officers. All are to participate, none are to complain and whine, and all will solo. Please remember to chew barbequed pork to scare off unseen forces.

And in 3H, there is this china guy with a pair of Playboy shoes and a pair of Playboy socks. Please look out for him, he has short monk-like hair, a dry-fit PE T-shirt, and looks like Matthew Ang Wei Ming but with the china influence. Be sure to spot the bunny.


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