Not Fun

It is not fun to see your two principals trying to find somebody in a crowd of 1000 who disagreed with them. It is not fun hearing your CCA being degraded over the microphone to the same 1000-strong crowd. It is even more not fun to see two former-BB alumnis being blamed for something they didn’t do. In fact it sucks. Old Yeow was probably feeling the brunt of the frustration, spending the 10 minutes on the podium without even getting a chance to speak into his beloved microphone.

”BB teaches discipline, but where is the discipline?” The answer can be found on the first page of the BB drill manual, get your copy by joining the Boys’ Brigade today to advance Christ’s kingdom among youths while developing a true christian manliness; yeah right, somebody should tell that to Sylvester, who is now according to sources working at Macdonalds Downtown East giving away cute little balloons to cute little kids.

And due to overwhelming popularity, I had decided to download my first Evan Cai Min Yo song today. It’s called Wo Ke Yi, and it sounds quite nice coming from a 19-year old. Way better than Chen Wei Lian and his Auntie Fan Club. Strangely he sounds like Wang Lee Hom.

In every CCA group, you have your moments of fun which you managed to capture on your low-megapixel phone camera. Now witness the incredible footage from Ahs BB.

Jue Hua owning Kenneth Ho the dog

Main focus was supposed to be Yeow Jiang looking at unknown stuff, but somehow Keane managed to get his big head in

Yeow Jiang getting taupoked after COS Training

Death to Titus

Zhi Kang channeling all his fats into his brain in order to prepare for the test

With a holy radiance from heaven, Keane passes his test without any effort

The first Secondary 3 councillor from The Boys’ Brigade is born

No escape for the Best Trainee

And now, this is definitely very weird, it seems that Shang Bo actually reads something other than R21 comics. With an amazingly high book borrowership of 11 books, it seems Shang Bo is destined to be the chief librarian of the Lee Kong Chian library. All from the pork who first brought us the Breaking Free music video. Ahh, what a classic. And it’s still around, at

As you can see from the comments, not all are appreciative of Shang Bo’s talents.

Due to the want of a PSP, I have decided to start saving $4 everyday. Thus after 1 month, I would have:
4×30=120(1 month)
120×2=240(2 months)
Which means 2 months of eating from the Kopitiam. Good game.

Please remember to be in school by 8.45, or you will be made to do reflections like Matthew did on Tuesday afternoon. Except that he was facing a wall which had a portrait of an opaque Mr Adrian, so I don’t think you could call that reflection. Maybe esclipe would be more appropriate.

Good night.


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