Multi-national Student
Right, so today was chinese oral. Went for prata at Simpang with Foam before the oral began; a murtabak costs $4. Talk about Indian monopolisation. Foam talked about his newfound love as we were walking up, and he seems quite interested in her lol.

Walked into the examination hall with the rest of the 3K and 3L people, with the Fatty Matthew arriving stylishly late, giving us that retarded look that he always has. And it always pays to be kiasu during exams. I was like sitting directly in Peng Zhi’s line of sight, ready to execute the plan of getting 17/20 for Chinese Oral when a super enthusiastic guy plopped his butt on the green chair. Damn it. To make things worse, I had to queue up for the China import, Jiang Bei instead. However, the bad luck doesn’t end there. The okay-looking female councillor got me to Cai’s seat. In case you didn’t know, Cai is the chinese ACC teacher who does not like people whose name starts with K and whose surname begins with the letter T. Anyway, it was rather like this, with some translations to make it easier for Malays and Indians:

Me: Lao Shi Zao An(Good Morning), in a nervous manner
Cai: Zao An..Zuo xia ba(Morning, sit down)
Me: (Starts reading)
Cai: Xing Le, Xian Zai Tan Hua Ti, Tu Shu Guan De She Bei Na Me Hao, Wei Shen Me Mei You Ren Qu Ne(Fine, now for the conversation, Library so gosu, But why nobody want to go)
Me: Talks like a chinaman on crack(Incomprehensible speech)
Cai: Hmm. Hao Jiu Zhe Yang Le(Ok, you may go)
Me: Xie Xie(Thanks)
Leaves the examination hall a few seconds later, acting like an asmtha patient looking for his breathing aids, before going to back to China Dude on Steroids mode after hearing Foam’s one word, “Zion”.

And I finally had a chance to talk with Blazben after 4 months. It seems like some things stay the same. Triple Science and interactions with scholars apparently hasn’t affected the gosu bangla one bit.

Lan was hilarious. Fatty Matty got pwned and started ranting, Eugene talked damn loudly during CS and some Malay scolded him. Haha, dumb Winnie the Peh.

Today was pretty fun, sadly it will be a long time until we get to go Lan again.

8 more days? Or is it 9?


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