Secret Plans

Note to all: Anti-BB Phase has ended, due to BB not having any activities lately which is really good. And it seems childish to blame the organisation when you should be blaming the lack of interest for it anyway.

Last post before exams. Went to Sakae today to celebrate birthday. Total bill: $110. I suspect that Sakae is using some crafty schemes to lure people into eating their cheap $16 per person sushi buffet. See ah, when you go Sakae to eat, you will see the signboard with the picture of the Sakae mascot, a frog with the chinese character ”Rong” on its stomach.

Notice the frog is smiling. Ok. So, the plan of Sakae Sushi is to lure people into their restaurant by using the frog’s smile. Even Singapore is adopting their strategy and using the 4 milion smiles to welcome tourists and expatriates of all colours into Singapore. Since the smile seems to be a powerful medium in advertising campaigns, I thought of another use for the smile in advertising–set up a sushi restaurant in Singapore and use various pictures of people smiling as the mascot. Just have to be wary of patriotic chaps like Yang Peng, who might invade the sushi shop and plant little models of his China flags in the sushi, thus making it cheap labour made-in-china and product and lowering the revenue of the sushi shop greatly.

2 days to exams, but I’m still playing with Ehren and Yc later. Amazing.
Mooing ain’t easy, but somebody’s gotta Moo it.



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