Holiday Camps

Its strange how a game such as Granado Espada can be so addictive as to convince me to play till 4am in the morning. It’s not working though; even with coffee from Macdonalds, I still feel this soreness around my eyes. Damn this sucks, and leaving the spacebar on to farm creeps is a waste of electricity.

Speaking of camps though, this June holidays I have quite a few scheduled camps. Not CCA camps la, but overnight camps of Dota/GE. Play till 4+ in the morning and wake up at 11. Gotta stock up on some coffee=/ Computer camps are much better than CCA camps though, can enjoy the aircon while typing instead of pitching and striking tents, and got the cold carbonated drinks to drink in the middle of the night. Some more ah now got dengue outbreak, which means staying at home for computer camps is safer than going for CCA camp, cos the mozzies cant bite you when u are camping at home. No need scared dengue liao, computer camp is here.

I’d better sleep before my parents wake up though.


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