Milo’s Japanese-English Dictionary

Recently due to the influence of Ehren, I have been searching for animes to watch. Though those that spawn from eroges seem to be the ones that catch his fancy, Dragonball GT has been doing it for me. However, the ending of Dragonball GT has inavoidably forced me to find a new anime series to watch. A quick glimpse in my torrent cache revealed that I still had a half-downloaded episode of Rumbling Hearts to watch. Poof and I found myself at watching some Rumbling Hearts.

Over the many Japanese lines, I have also picked up a few commonly-used Japanese words. Let’s see what they mean.
Note: Fatty Matty is used to liven up the topic, and is strictly 100% Chinese and retarded

Watashiwa: Translates to “I am” , seen in most animes
Usage: Watashiwa Fatty Matty [I am Fatty Matty]

Orewa: Roughly the same meaning as Watashiwa
Usage: Orewa Wankie [I am Wankie]

Itch, Iii, San: Meaning one, two and three, seen in Initial D when counting down
Usage: My password is Itch Iii San [My password is 123]

Baka: Moron or idiot, from most animes
Usage: Fatty Matty is a Baka! [Fatty Matty is an idiot!]

Mushi Mushi: Hello, common greeting
Usage: Mushi Mushi Fatty Matty [Hello Fatty Matty]

Arigato: Thank you
Usage: Arigato Matty-kun [Thanks Matty]

Now some pictures and that’s it for today. Some A-Maths test tomorrow you know.

The Boss!

Yc transforms into a tree

Fight of the Foreign Talents


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