The Chapter of Currency

You know it by its many aliases. Mesos in Maple, Gold in WarCraft and Neopoints in Neopets, money has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Simply put, for man to live, money has to be spent whether you like it or not. An exception to this point might be Looly, who has been known to live on the sheer pleasure produced by hoarding a large amount of money. However, we are not Loolys, thus forking out some coins here and there is unavoidable. Money is the pre-requisite for most of our everyday items, such as prepaid cards, some Hello Panda as well as for providing the electricity to which this laptop runs on.

There seems to be no way to escape the insane rate at which our money is going down the loo(no pun intended), and with the recent GST hike, it seems our monetary troubles are only getting worse. Maple prepaids are up $0.20 from $10.50 to $10.70, bubble tea joints scattered around the heartlands are charging more for the tapioca pearls and even the school has considerately factored in the increased cost into the prices of their ice-cream, not that it matters since Gramps with the Honda motorbike cum ice-cream stall outside the school gate has mercifully tanked the extra amount, rendering the plans of the former-mentioned ice-cream stall moot.

Even the usually non-chalant Sekainome contributers have been feeling the pinch as of late due to their midnight movie rumblings. As a result, Sekainomikians have been forced to take drastic action in their resistance against high prices. Thus, for the next show, which happens to be Rush Hour 3, a 7.30pm slot seems to be the only option for now. Unless of course, Ehren wins his WCG Dota campaign, which also roughly translates to a worry-free movie experience. The same cannot be said for Loo, who has no possibility of qualifying for the WCG and thus has to resort to washing toilets to support his movie fund.

Speaking of movies, the 4 contributers of Sekainome recently went to catch Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix at the Golden Village Tampines movie complex. Having settled into their familiar L-row seats, they then patiently awaited the opening of the extravagantly promoted movie. However, they were in for a rude awakening of how much of a rip-off Potter was. The numerous deleted scenes left the Sekainomikians feeling as though Potter had just cast Expelliarmus on their wallets.
Fellow disgruntled movie patrons directly behind us also got fed up with the movie halfway and decided to exact their wrath on the weeny Sekainomikians sitting in front, all nine dollars and fifty cents of it, and I happened to fall asleep after Voldemort got fragged by Dumbledore. The stale popcorn did nothing to brighten up the dull atmosphere of the theatre, and the only ray of hope will be that Rush Hour 3 opening date.

Maplers such as myself have found a way to cope with the combined stress of money and schoolwork. Presenting, the Gachapon:

By spending $1.05 or 1,500 Maple Cash, the Gachapon machine will randomly dispense a Maple item. As all Gachapon machines are restocked overnight, 4 Maplers will be spamming their Gachapon tickets precisely at the stroke of midnight, after which some party quests will be done for some quick leveling. A spearman shall be born by this weekend, I assure you.

And to end, a video that was taken at E-zone by the stupid Looly. Commentary included, though it’s unlikely that it will make any sense seeing as the whole filming process was supervised by nothing else but the dumb Looly.


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