Incredible Tales

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Now, moving on with the rest of today’s post, or should I say yesterday’s?

Delayed by two whole days due to a simple lack of funds, I missed out on the initial hype of the seventh Potter book. This left me feeling sore, thus I follow in the way of the dieting Samuel and saved 6 dollars over the past couple of days. Fat wallet in hand, I stepped onto the 359 Townslink bus, and began the journey of a lifetime.

Upon arriving at Tampines Mall, where my Mom had urged me to buy it from so she could obtain her NTUC Linkpoints, I was immediately greeted by the sight of a bored-looking young male accompanied by his mother. Apparently they were watching Potter, and this inference was made on hearing the guy repeat two words “Stupid Potter”, a miraculous number of times. The conversation unfolded:

Guy: I don’t want watch Stupid Potter…
Mum(His mother, not mine): Buy ticket liao, must watch.
Guy: But Potter is stupid, only small kid go kai kai then watch one…
Mum: Then what you want to do
Guy: (Pointing to an object, which shall remain unknown for now)This!!!
Mum: Huh?? Why?
Guy: Because this is better than watching Stupid Potter
Mum: Maybe we could have this if not watching movie..
Guy:(Jabs angrily) I want this, this better than Stupid Potter!!
Mum: Dont siao
Guy: (Throws tantrum) I WANT THIS!!!!!!!
Mum: ZZZ ok(the two of them then walk into the establishment offering “this”)

And what is this object of great temptation?
It’s an advertisement for Ajisen Ramen, how clever, comparing Potter to a bowl of noodles.

I finally got my Potter book, and took the 81 bus home where i opened it and read it without any further delay. Now reading…


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