Handhelds and Co

Just a song from IMEEM to start. Anyway, today’s post shall be on games. To put is simply, humans cannot live without games, and it is also one of the basic neccessities of humans, other than food, drink and money.

A walk back into time, as I dug through the pile of antiques I had forsaken years ago. And guess what I found first, inclusive of ratings of these priceless articles.

Ah, the classic GameBoy. Without this, the DS Lite of today would have never been born, and I must say I feel honoured to possess such an ancient treasure, recovered from the depths of Junk Cavern. Big, bulky and brick-looking, not many peoplenobody would want to be seen walking with it today, except in very special circumstances. With its dot matrix screen and “Stereo” surround sound, it was considered one of the top-tier toys in 1996. And the birth of Super Mario Land only served to escalate its popularity. Coincidentally, 1996 was also the year which I got this “treasure” as a birthday present. The memories it brings back are..actually I forgot them; who knows what happens when you’re four? -.-
4 out of 5

Then, in 2000, I made a trip to Toys R Us and got this. According to the faded price tag, this fellow antique cost $29.90 =O. It’s supposed to be some Digimon portable, the Digivice. Sadly, it got thrown aside as I was raptured by the infinitely more appealing GameBoy.
1.5 out of 5

The first real advancement in technology emerged in the form of the original Playstation console, which IMO owns everything that follows considering its impact on gaming. Countless hours of my childhood was spent in front of this grey thing, what fun that was. However, it has since been forsaken for newer technology, and now as you can see, this beast lies dormant in its cave =/.
5 out of 5

Digivices are dumb. This lame device that forces you to shake it to play it will have you looking like a freshly-escaped Woodbridge patient(I’m sure you know who) instantly. Keep away at all costs.
1 out of 5

Unlike the old Digivice, this newer-edition model has a motion detector. Was quite fun as a novelty until I got the next one.
2.5 out of 5

The GameBoy takes a leaf from Pokemon’s book and comes out with the evolved GameBoy Color. Boasting vivid and never-before-seen(at the time)graphics, it was hugely popular with humans of all ages. This was also when the multi-game cartridges were invented, and a 128-in-1 could be had for just thirty dollars. Ah, what bliss…
4.5 out of 5

And the PSP. Free games for eternity.
4 out of 5

That said, today sucked. Can’t do a pull-up at all, hmm better go practice a bit.


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