Renovations Part 2

Well, National Day is around the corner and you can see flags all over the city. I, being a patriotic Singaporean blogger who remembers to place his hand over his chest during the recital of the National Anthem(ahem), also remembered to hang a flag at my blog. Well..I was listening to Yes 933 the other day and found out that 2 of the DJs actually converted the 2007 National Day song to Chinese and I felt that it is quite interesting and decided to let you all have a look at the lyrics.

The title of the song is 我的家就在这里.


原词/曲: 叶良俊


长城有魅力 也很吃力


其实SENTOSA 会更便宜

这是美丽的天地 我的家就在这里

去到外地 我才发现


这里也有PULAU UBIN 要骑脚车也可以

你要很小心 别像周崇庆


这是美丽的天地 我的家就在这里



这是美食的天地 有很多好吃东西




Well don’t you think that it is interesting. Well, I will at the same time show you the Original english version

There’s No Place I’d Rather Be

Music &Lyrics: Jimmy Ye

I’ve walked the streets of Cairo and Bombay

I’ve seen the neon signs on ole Broadway

I’ve climbed the Eiffel Tower,

The great Wall in one hour,

Experienced sweet and sour but that’s okay.

Seen Hollywood, the sunsets in LA.

The London Bridge, Big Ben, the Thames, UK

I’ve crossed the River Kwai

Yet still I don’t know why

I think of you each night and every day.

There’s no place I’d rather be

You’ll always be a part of me

And even though I’ve roamed the world

It’s still my home I long to see.

This is where my family

And friends grew up with me

So I’ll cross the skies and sail the seas

To be where I wanna be.

Cos there’s no place I’d rather be!


Love for the homeland aside, I feel inclined to post about today’s class events, especially since it was a much-needed interlude from the mundane happenings, as well as a counter to the pre-requisitory Monday Blues syndrome that we face at the start of each week.

Well, after assembly Haonan, being the responsible class monitor he is, actually went to collect the temporary tattooes from the pigeonhole located behind the site of the General Office, which is also the headquarters of General Lee Wo Feng. Initially, I thought of the tattooes as a waste of resources to manufacture, since it is highly unlikely that anyone would bother to make use of them anyway. However, my viewpoint was refuted when I found out that you could actually use a ballpoint pen to draw on the tattooes and stick them on the desired person! The only drawback is that you have to write out the text in reverse, so that when the tattoo melds to the surface you get some legible words. The fun commenced in an instant, when I managed to stick the tattoo of the Singapore flag onto Samuel’s weathered coke bottle. The concept stuck, as did the tattoo, and soon everybody was busy pasting tattooes on one another’s skin. The sneaky General Mervin managed to scrape one past my exposed forearm, and I had a hell of a time trying to remove the sticky remnants from my poor arm. All this took place during Chen Ze Hou’s lesson, and mind you he wasn’t very pleased with the way the chaos was shaping up. This was apparent in its clearest form when he ordered a presentation of the cream of the crop essays written by some familiar faces. I must exclude myself from this mayhem as I was peacefully reading my mouldy copy of Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire, but I guess it was the final straw when the noise level rose above his expectations, and Chen Ze Hou unleashed his full fury of attempted kaobeiness upon the class. Edmund had not brought his chinese textbook and was the first to fall prey to Chen Ze Hou’s sly schemes. Fortunately, I found solace in the form of my own chinese textbook which I had remembered to stash into my bag the previous night, and thus Chen Ze Hou failed to tick off his “favourite” student for today. Such a useful tool the textbook is, maybe I shall keep it under my table just in case.

Well that’s all for today, see you tomorrow.


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