Two Days’ Worth

I must say, Wednesday’s series of groundbreaking events was such a enriching lesson for me. First, I finally realised how some advanced technology such as a PSP and some slightly outdated device known as the iPod mini can really make the difference during the usual monotonous ceremonial proceedings. It stinks of monotony like bins stink of rubbish, and definitely isn’t something most mortals like us can withstand. Arriving at the school with a haversack meant for Shen Zhen meant I had to burn an extra hundred calories or so climbing up the brief slope to the church carpark. The poor China chap had forgotten to pack his haversack, apparently, and shocked the company somewhat. Unfortunately, the shock did not subside as a quick browse through my bag revealed that I had forgotten, like our dear Mr Shen Zhen, to pack the otherhaversack runner. As nothing could be done with one runner, the haversack was rendered useless, I guess. This was however, non of my concern as I sat down on the pre-arranged benches, eagerly anticipating the enjoyable programme, and the overly enthusiastic choir kid who shouted at the Secondary 3s and 4s to sing along with the AHS Choir. I must tip my hat, or in this case my earphones, to that particular kid as it must have taken some intense mental preparation in order to provoke the sullen crowd, most of whom appeared as if they would rather be staying at home this sticky morning.

Logic question: If Haonan, Kenneth, Edwen and Ehren sat in a row, who sat where?
Clues: Haonan didn’t bathe yesterday
Edwen the Spiderman needed easy access to the trees in case of emergencies
Kenneth and Ehren required massive shielding in order to mask their operations


Oh my did you manage to guess it? Anyway, the parade started soon. Not long after, some teacher came to yell at us as to why we weren’t actively participating in the celebrations. The UGs marched in later, and the choir thankfully finished the plethora of songs quickly, so we were spared the agony of being fried under the sun. One of the most hilarious moments must have been hearing, “Leading the NCC contingent, Benjamin Tan!”. It might have been better if they had just said Banglaben, though.

Leaving the parade square with slightly darker skin than before, we were then supposed to proceed to the viewing galleries in order to witness Dr Boon and her merry gang plant trees. Exploiting the confusion caused by the mass jams, Haonan and I sneaked off to the canteen and bought some drinks. Apple tea never tasted this good before, I assure you. The tree planting commenced, though I didn’t really bother to look at it much. I was instead having fun with this:

And 5 minutes later, while the holocaust of a episode in a disappointing day was still going strong, I was at the next boss:

This was rather hard, but some healing solved it easier than I’d have expected. But the next enemy takes the cake. Don’t you think this doggie bears a striking resemblance to somebody?

Shortly after slaying this dumb hound, the seeds had finally been laid to rest under the AHS earth which Mr Mok Wei Wei’s sign once inhabited. Went to airport after that for lunch and then returned home for some Lunia action.

And then it was Thursday, which was yesterday in fact. Most of the day was whiled away at home, until 6, which was the steamboat cum class gathering, albeit an incomplete one. Sitting next to the gas cylinder didn’t serve to calm my worries of exploding gas tanks at all, and the jumping droplets of oil only made it worse. The food was nice though, and at 8 we left the place to watch the fireworks. The night sky felt like it was being ripped apart, what with all the incessant spamming of fireworks. Must have been some fun for the guy operating the fireworks then. Played at the arcade a while and then left for the MRT station, with Looly being the biggest loser. At this point, I must recall a specific event which took place yesterday. Oh what was it…? Oh yes, Looly got pillared at the roadside. It seems this spectacle was enjoyed by all, as even passing Malays in a Getz were applauding us.

I tried to execute my plan to play the whole night long, but unfortunately this was thwarted by my parents’ locking of the door. This was in a series of terrible events, which included me being unable to fall asleep, and resorting to reading Harry Potter to cure my insomnia. It was a bad night yesterday, and the mosquito bites I had suffered at Marina South more than twiced the irritable feelings last night. It was finally Tiger Balm which saved me, for within two minuts of applying it onto the pus-filled bulges, I plonked onto the pillow and slept.


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