Be Hip, Say Yes To Piracy

So yesterday night, I decided to take a break from Lunia, and caught Rush Hour 3 with Yc and Ehren. The movie was smooth to say the least, with comedy included in most scenes and the occasional cop joke thrown in for laughs. However, there was this one hitch which screwed up the whole experience.

Yea, so I was eating my salty and sweet popcorn with the diluted coke to help me digest it, and watching the film playing before me. It was showing the process of the World Criminal Court meeting, and when the Chinese minister was about to say, “The Chinese Triads have….”, the whole screen went black, and the grouchy cinema crowd(us included)converted into a mob as the hapless Golden Village fools struggled to keep the pandemonium under control. One cinema patron from the back row shouted, “Pirated DVD”, very loudly, and in my opinion this was even more bone-tickling than all of the jokes featured in the movie thus far.

What has the cinema become? To think that before the show a rat called Ratatouille actually preached to the whole hall about buying original media and describing the benefits as well as the consequences of buying pirated products. Well, a $10 DVD might get you blurry images, BUT IT CERTAINLY WON’T CANCEL OUT THE PICTURE ENTIRELY RIGHT?

The cinema staff actually had the cheek to announce that the movie would be commencing in roughly 10 minutes, which is a damn waste of time if you’d ask me. Approximately 15 minutes later(those liars), some cinema staff proclaimed in a constipated voice that the movie would be starting soon, yet it took a full minute, and some adjustments to the projector before the movie fitted into the screen properly.

$9.50 for this? I think not. What the Chinese minister must have wanted to say would probably go like this, “The Chinese Triads have sold this movie to all cinemas for $1 a piece.” Being the wily cinema owners they are, Golden Village must have wanted to censor this tidbit out and cheat us earnest patrons of our hard-earned money.

Make the right choice, and buy the $10 alternative today.


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