Broken Strings

Actually, there are no strings in my possession that need repairing. I just used “Broken Strings” as a sudden block had ravaged my mind of all creativity. So this post shall be very boring.

Yesterday, I went out to buy my guitar. This was long overdue considering my lessons started during the June holidays which was an eternity ago. So first, I made my way down to the Swee Lee Branch located at Bras Basah. The saleswoman was friendly, pehaps overly-so in persuading me to purchase the damn $1k guitars hanging on the white metal racks. Fortunately, I managed to have the persistence, which was probably derived from my having no more than $585 in my wallet, to return the godly guitar to its esteemed perch and request for a cheaper alternative.

What I was presented with was an Ibanez set, as well as a package from Squire, which seems to be a side-project of Fender(think of it as Lotus owning Proton). Now, the Squire guitar was milk-coloured, which sucked. The other set wasn’t better than the first in the sense that it was a faded blue, which sucks twice as bad. The other option being only the $650 Ibanez guitar, I fled the shop in need of cheaper buys.

An MRT journey later, I found myself at Yamaha Plaza Singapura. Browsing the range stocked there, I realised that there was not going to be much alternative if I wanted something along the lines of $300. Thus, I managed to secure this for $387(after discount).

The colour looks better than the black and white version, which in my opinion looks very plain. The red sucked thrice as bad as the blue Ibanez and the blue edition sucks quadruply bad. Thus, there was no other choice but to pick up this turquoise instrument. An amplifier of decent size was purchased for $125, and I find this to be a very good deal since the pathetic one I use in guitar class costs $105, and the amplifier which I had managed to procure is about five times the size of that dwarf.
The tuner cost me $20, and I was incredibly lucky that the guitar bag was free, since my funds were currently on the brink of extinction.

Overall, I spent $532 today, which led me to wonder: If five hundred bucks already makes my heart bleed and my pocket split, how do pro guitarists cope with smashing their guitars, which have the equivalent value of bombs, at concerts?


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