The Scam of Television Dramas

If you’d notice, the time at which I started typing out this post is 8.10pm. That’s about 10 minutes after the period drama, Kinship, or Shou Zu, ended. Now, I must say that although I am not a fan in any way of Channel 8 dramas since they are of poor quality, I was rather interested in Shou Zu for a while, since it was reputed to be the next Holland V, which is admittedly one of the best home-produced serials ever, only losing out to Good Morning Teacher in terms of sheer heart. The cast, led by Chen Liping, did their very best to entertain me in the 90s, the times when I found Teletubbies fun and others dumb.

Back to Kinship, I was really disappointed with the way the ending turned out. Instead of Yingjun hooking up with Yusheng like I’d pictured, the bodies of Anxin and the bald gangster(I forgot his name) were flung into a small river. Finally, Channel 8 decides to employ a move long used by murderers wishing to dispose of their victims’ bodies. The cheesy narrator’s voice started playing, and I was rudely informed that there was going to be a Kinship 2. Nice timing too, since I was really looking forward to seeing the concluding episode. The icing on the cake? Without a doubt this: Starting in December. That’s 3 months away, what a ripoff.

YC wants to know who this IP is:, if you know who it is kindly state the person’s name here and you shall be rewarded with a precious bundle of nothing.


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