Dental Woes

Today was mostly uneventful, largely due to the fact that my PSP kept me entertained throughout the whole day, with the FF7, FF8 and FF9 that I had uploaded the previous night. However, there were many instances when I was forced to halt the journey of Cloud through Midgar. Crisis first struck when recess ended, and the class had to go down for PE. Chai got ruffled halfway through the lesson when General Lee was pillared on the green poles located at the field. “How will you know if his balls crack?” and “Why don’t you crack your own balls?” are just a few of the classic statements invented by him, I wonder if there’s more. Sadly, we did not get to find out as he stalked off with his badminton racket(who knows what he was doing with it), and we played around the compound for a while. Just after our first period ended, we were told to return to class, and nobody bothered at first cause there was still more than 35 minutes of PE left. But when the teacher told us that we had to go back to our class because Chai had apparently ran away somewhere to settle some “stuff”, we finally went up, albeit reluctantly.

From that free period onwards, I continued my RPG bliss until another interruption presented itself in the form of a dental appointment. This meant that I could skip lessons. And that was during Chen Ze Hou’s class too, what a waste. Anyway, the dentist started ranting on and on, then she was done. Luckily, I remembered to give her wrong numbers when she asked for my mine. “Er..91858462”, or something like thay was my reply. Oh my, whose number could that be? This should allow me to avoid ever going back to that slaughterhouse again. The tools look so threatening that they make
Chai look like a bug. The only positive thing was the bed which the students are supposed to lie on for their treatments. You see, there is this control panel where you can adjust the position of the bed, and dispense water from the tap. Now, while the dentist was taking down my particulars, I think i pressed the “tap” button. Lol then water started flowing out. The dentist didn’t notice though, not even after I left. I wonder if it’s still on now?

Went back to class just in time for the end of Geography. Left to take taxi home soon after. But before I departed, I managed to spare 5 minutes of my life to rig Haonan’s phone. So, the wallpaper has an all-new look to it, and there will probably be many pictures of the 3L classroom in his memory card.

Ehren promised an inhouse game for today, but nobody is online yet, so I think I’ll go finish up the Chinese composition that the dumb pig was so uptight about just now.


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