Ryoma Echizen, Prince Of Tennis

A recent visit to Looly’s blog, which is also known as http://solblade.blogspot.com, has intrigued me in many ways, one of them being his unique style of writing. Thus, a replication shall be attempted here, just for fun.

Ryoma and the Curse of the Bad Smell
Ryoma Echizen the tennis gosu hauled his racket bag, which contained three of his prized rackets up the stairs. Placing his bag down on his seat, he noticed a foul smell. Oh my what was that? Ryoma cannot stand bad smells, so he got out his tennis racket and whacked the source of the stench away like a tennis ball. The poor object of demise flew around the classroom like a Tsubame Gashi Swallow Counter oh my so imba!

Ryoma and the Dreaded Morning Exercise
Then, it was time for Ryoma to do his daily warm-ups before tennis practice started. The wet mud made Ryoma’s expensive tennis shoes dirty, and Ryoma was not happy thus Ryoma sulked. Soon, the teacher who is known as Ryuzaki, coach of the tennis team started doing exercises. Ryoma noted that Inui the noob from China was especially putting in harder effort in order to catch up to the superior Ryoma. Ryuzaki was apparently suffering from lao ren chi dai zheng, as she had forgotten a few basic tennis moves.

Ryoma and the Cunning Plans of Inui Juice
Ryoma wanted to power level in a particular aspect of his life, so he found a scapegoat, the tennis reporter Inoue to participate in his master plan. Inoue was reluctant at first, but after seeing Ryoma’s gosu tennis skills, he had no choice but to agree or get cyclone smashed.

Ryoma and the stupid tennis training
Now it was time for Ryoma to hone his tennis skills. Ryoma yawned in boredom as he was too gosu for the baka noobs, so Ryoma fell asleep and the day went by. Soon, Rikkidai school came and Ryoma got out his tennis racket, ready to own them. Ryoma won easily and got his reward in the form of a test paper. But Ryoma had first to endure a torturous ranting on how gosu he was before he got his prizes. Ryoma then went to the fourth floor tennis court to own more noobs as he was feeling too sian already. When he was walking past one of the courts, the history tennis coach challeged Ryoma to a tennis duel. Ryoma thought that he would own easily since the history coach was using a dumb battered racket from the 18th century, and Ryoma was using the state of the art Nanotech, which pwns all. However, the history teacher returned Ryoma’s drive a, b, c, d with ease, and Ryoma got owned with a 17/25 score.
Ryoma left the class feeling sore, and returned to the fifth floor courts to practice more.

Ryoma going home
School was over, and Ryoma had to return to his home which was a gosu home, to house a gosu tennis player. Ryoma met his noob friend Horio at the stairs, who had only two years of tennis experience; Ryoma could own him easily. Horio challenged Ryoma to a tennis match, and Ryoma lost because Horio kept pointing behind Ryoma and Ryoma kept messing up his imba tennis skills and lost the game.

Ryoma has had an imba day, now it’s time for Ryoma to sleep. Cya.


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