Mole Wars 1: The Pang Ngee Menace

So I went to Bugis with Yc to get his PSP yesterday, and as we were walking through Bugis Market we saw some imba stuff. Stuff so imba that it should not and cannot be posted here in consideration of viewers under 18. For those of you who persist in the art of Pang Ngee-ation, this shop can be located somewhere around the drinks stall, which coincidentally sells some rather nice coconut juice. You might not manage to get in though. In this case the displays work fine. However, I did find something that should be suitable for your rank of PG. So, here it is:

After looking at this for a while, I thought of something else too:

To commemorate the 100 posts and 10,000 visitors to this blog, I have decided to direct a short series of movies, which will be posted up here in time to come. Stay tuned.


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