Of Complaints and Spoilers

Oh my, look at the time. It’s kinda late isn’t it? Just thought I’d get this done before the inappropriately-named get-together session which takes place tomorrow, from 9.30-12.30. So, I went to TM with the usuals to watch a movie, this time the film in question was Evan Almighty.

Before the show actually began, I scoured the entire Tampines Mall in the hope of finding a shop that sold guitar picks. Note that this span of shops does not include Yamaha Corp, a piranha palace which retails slipshod picks at a skyrocketing price of $0.63 each. Woe has befallen me in the form of missing picks, and without these plastic pieces, I have had to resort to other less favourable alternatives such as fingers and the occasional wooden pick known as the toothpick.

Next was to find Yc, who was at the first storey. At that time, I had just left the Music Junction shop, and opted for a speedy journey down in the lift. Fate had another nasty surprise in store, as when I got to the lift lobby, I found this staring at me!

In case you’re pondering the motive of this picture, here’s a free explanation. Both lifts were for some unknown reason stuck at the first floor, and power to the lifts had been cut off. The other lift had suffered the samne fate as the first. With no other alternative, only one path was made viable.

This dingy staircase is located near the lift lobby B. One look at it and you know that something bad is bound to happen in here. A few walkthroughs from previous experiences enabled me to witness the scenery of couples who desire some privacy, and seem to not notice anything when somebody walks past them. Two levels down, I finally managed to find the baka Yc, who wanted to pick some chips up from NTUC. Facing the realisation that I had not yet collected the bookings, I took the dumb stairs up to the fourth storey, and saw the damn couple there again, without any apparent inhibitions.

Arriving at the box office, I was appalled at the mass crowds that had gathered there to purchase the movie tickets. Possessing a credit card is indeed bliss, as it takes the queues and renders them nothing more than an eyesore. With the Visa card queue providing express service, tickets were obtained in less than two minutes. Damn, I need one of those things.

Of course, this occured after the debacle that was the AXS machine saga. Firstly, I would like to declare that AXS machines are junk and should not even be approached in a five-meter radius, at least. I wasted around ten minutes poking the card into the slot, and the goddamn retarded machinery just spat it out every time. Never again, will I touch this thing.

Anyway, we were late for the show, no thanks to outdated technology. Thankfully, Evan Almighty had just started, and very little was missed. The original plan to watch Rata.. Ratta, ah damn I shall just call it Rattata, was foiled due to poor seating, and it is common knowledge that sitting in the first row is the equilavent of Rattata looking up into Snorlax, so this was void. I heard that Rattata is a nice show, maybe I should watch it next week or something.

(97 minutes later)

Want to know what happens? Go see for yourself. Anyway, a meal at Macdonalds was next, where a discussion of anime wars took place. I finally tried the other chilli sauce, which is the Chai Thai Chilli. Apparently, Odex has pressurised four major anime studios to support their war on illegal downloaders. This is cheap enough, and to add subtitles to raw anime, your not-so friendly internet providers have been compelled to reveal IP addresses of illegal downloaders, all of whom owe Odex a minimum sum of $3000. Odex does not seem to think this is a large amount, yet they fail to consider that it takes 100 boxes of anime sold to fetch this amount, and considering that nobody will ever buy Odex anime, this is a unrealistic goal indeed. For one, Bleach, Naruto and what-not can easily be streamed for free at veoh.com, a great site which also provides legal downloading services. Secondly, with Odex being the damn loser corporation it is, nobody will ever find the heart to even browse for Odex anime. Who would want to buy anime from a company that is already earning big bucks by just collecting fines?

That ends today’s post. Remember, don’t buy anything from Odex!


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