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666 Baby

Oh my, today some imbalanced events disturbed me.

I went to download “The Omen” from Bitcomet.

It’s some spookfest that dwells on the significance of the number “666”.

“666” has long been related to occult affairs, matters of which shall be skipped as Christians should shun such activities.

Anyway, the show was really scary. The devil baby thing was the worst.

And it had a “666” tattoo on its shoulder. Cool.

Qi Yuwu should get a “881” on his too, as a movie tie-in of sorts.

Eventually, the show led me to ponder the truth behind this dreaded combination of numbers.


You wake up at 6 in the morning(which is what I do).

You take two dice and roll. “66” is the result.

You absent-mindedly press on a calculator. The display reads “666”.

Your parents give you 6 dollars for pocket money(mine don’t, those scrooges!).

You take the bus 66 to school.

Taking you away from your block 666.

From the 6th floor on which you reside.

Upon reaching your school, you head for your classroom, 6Z.

This is because you have retained in your school for 2 years.

You play blackjack with your friends. Get a hand of “6,6,6” and lose.

Fork over the 6 bucks to your grinning classmate, who looks like he just had some hawt “63X”.

You stupidly stick you finger into the power point, and get shocked with 66 volts worth of electricity.

You take 6 subjects, your mental capacity of 6 bytes cant support any more.

You score 66 marks in the Geog test and feel elated, only to find out the teacher marked it wrongly. Gee Gee.

School ends at 6.

You take the bus back to your house, once again 66 and 666.

Lying on the bed, you revise the 6 subjects that will be tested for the exams.

However, you feel bored and turn your 666mhz computer on.

Type out a blog entry, your 66th.

Gee Gee once again.


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Oh my god, I can’t believe it.

I have been watching Yugioh Duel Monsters in between studying slots.

Hearing the mrbrown song also perks me up somewhat.

I just need He-man’s “I HAVE THE POWERRRRRR”, and I’m set to study till 2.

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Oh my

I always listen to what my Garmen tell me,
Work harder work longer cannot Jia Liao Bi;
Don’t retire must keep working for the economy,
Now garmen says I 85 years old then will Mati!

It’s your CPF Garmen take care for you,
Die die also must wait it’s the best deal!
Cannot give you too early wait you anyhow spend.
Its for your own good, Garmen is your best friend!

The Garmen now scared I will live too long
Be a burden to nation that is why they Bey Song!
Now all have to buy old people annuity,
Got no bonus to collect if we die early!

It’s your CPF Garmen take care for you,
Die die also must wait it’s the best deal!
Cannot give you too early wait you anyhow spend,
Its for your own good, Garmen is your best friend!

55 then 65 now goodness no end!
You had waited 30 years you can wait another 10.
The withdrawal date is moved like the wind,
By the time you get your money back can buy coffin!

It’s your CPF Garmen take care for you,
Die die also must wait it’s the best deal!
Cannot give you too early wait you anyhow spend,
Its for your own good, Garmen is your best friend!

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Due to a late start in revising, I have resorted to the last studying technique known to mankind.

Speed Reading.

Speed reading involves spending less than 2 minute average on a page, yet being able to recite the whole page without looking at it.


And tiring too.

It just makes your heart beat faster every time.

Imagine having this feeling for the next 3 or 4 days.

I wonder if I can cope.

Yet something tells me I should be able to manage.

Hidden motives to do well for the exams I guess.

Oh well, time to continue on.

By the way, this is what I have finished.

In 2 Days,

Half of AMath and whole of Geography

Can I make it in time?

Of course.

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The Compilation of Thoughts

I just realised something. It is near impossible to study with the computer on.

I brought my A-Math in to do at 600, and at 645 I was already watching Family Guy.

I don’t know what happened. I just kept clicking the mouse.

Haha maybe I should throw the Lan cable away or something?

I need to get below 20 for L1R5 for some reasons.

Yihan says top five in class is possible even if I start today, that’s both imba and impossible.

Tomorrow is Wankie’s birthday celebration.

I need some new songs to listen to while studying.

And, lastly, I need to solve this computer usage problem.

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Wow BB14 won Gold Honour Roll in the NBQ 2007.


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Joy to the World!

I’ve noticed that short posts have become something of a hit lately, so let’s have a shot at one.

Your presence plunges my consciousness into a state of surrealism~

Hoho, that’s imba. Now let’s try a poem.

That day that the wind blew I tried to hold your hand
But unfortunately, the rain kept on falling till I couldn’t see you
How much longer until I can be beside you again?
Waiting for the day to turn clear, maybe I’ll be a little better then
Long ago, a person loved you for so long
But the wind kept on blowing, widening the gap so much further
So difficult, I have another day to love again
But it seems that, at the end of the tale you still said, Goodbye

Hoho that’s not original actually. It’s lyrics from a song oh no!

I sometimes wonder why people keep emphasizing on cleanliness when there are other more pressing matters such as examinations on hand. The classic line known as “Because of the piece of paper at the back, I wasn’t able to concentrate on the lesson!” was noted in class today. How imba!

Exams are drawing near, yet I am unable to feel any form of stress at all. Imba revision starts soon, with a one-shot studying regime of 6 hours on weekdays. Owning!

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