Hunger Strikes!

There has not been much food to eat as of late, and thou hath been experiencing what one might call a “food crisis”. With the outbreak of fake food, courtesy of China, my paranoid mother has shunned every single China product in sight, in favor of the supposedly healthy, yet ridiculously expensive organic food. Very few varieties are present in the organic department, as you may know, and this plight has led me into wandering the kitchens many a late night in search of food.

Food, or the surplus of it, is detrimental for health. Side effects include enlarged fat mass- Samuel is a good example. Undernourishment, however, is a different story. Going hungry for long hours incurs the wrath of gastric pains. Gastric hurts like hell, I can assure you. Therefore, it is crucial to balance the intake of food with that of exercise if being the second Samuel is not your desire. Sadly, I have not been doing this at all, and I wonder if it’s time I started jogging, or partaking in some form of light exercise. An ideal choice would be one where I do not have to exert any force at all, and yet burn carbohydrates like no tomorrow. However, this goes against Newton’s FirstSecondThird, okay fine, ONE of Newton’s laws and thus proves such a theory to be a lazy boy’s dream.

Food intake in the form of snacks, all revealed in pictures for your dietary pleasure. Now you can watch people eat food, instead of eating it yourself! Oh my what a miracle that is!(in an enthusiastic, uncontrollable tone reminiscent of the “Oh my” saga)

The First Night

Pretty self-explanatory, a chocolate donut purchased from Yummy-O, the resident donut outlet, at $1.20. Imagine the horrified expression on my face when I heard the price, and the reproachful glare of the auntie upon looking at this depraved boy who only requires one donut. Let’s open it and see what’s worth $1.20 in there.

As you can see, there is a black piece of dough with a hole in the middle staring at me. I approach it with my fork, ready to stab at its fluffy interior. Yet something seems amiss, is it the fact that the donut costs too much to eat? The fork plunges slowly, yet steadily into the snowy white flour, and soon the donut has been impaled.

In one bite, the donut is gone. GG to the donut, sirs.

You didn’t think that that holey thing would be sufficient, did you? The hole in the donut only served to widen the hole in my stomach, and soon I found a pack of biscuit to eat. Kid-O, sounds kiddy, but tastes surprisingly okay. Cheese and biscuits taste good when paired up together.

Leftover Ritter Sport chocolate; it seems that some inconsiderate soul has left this half-eaten bar in the freezer! Upon some pondering, I think that would be me. Barely a few bits of chocolate remain in this pack, and one would be foolhardy to request for almonds. Barely a second later, the chocolate was no more.

Some owning mango. I wanted to eat it, but it wasn’t ripe yet. Damn.

Apple juice, accompanied with Aloe Vera. Drank this and slept.

The Second Day
Started the day with a little bit of Dota here and there.

Had some fun in, before the dreaded night drew close. The dinner was horrible, and there was a need, not a want, to find something that was actually filling. Thus begins a trip to White Sands, the home of the Yummy-O donuts. Except, I wasn’t here for chocolate bread this time. Some fast food outlet in the basement was calling.

KFC, to be exact. None of Ronald’s grubs this time. Sadly, KFC was soon closing, and thus I had to settle for a take-away. Brought the $4 Banditto meal back to my living room, and started eating. Prior to this, I had seldom eaten Bandittos before, therefore needless to say I am rather noob at even opening the package.

The 4 bucks worth of oils lie on my table, ready for the kill.

To be continued..


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