Lost and Found

Wtf I dropped my phone at the Tanah Merah taxi stand today.

When I called CityCab to make report, I found out that their lost-and-found department is only open from Monday to Friday. Does this imply that we should only misplace our things during these days?

Turns out, it was not in the taxi at all. It had dropped at the roadside, where a Muslim NYP student picked it up.

Went for NBQ in the meanwhile, and many teams were there.

Fiddled with the bell at St Andrews Secondary, and got kped by the kid there.

Wtf this should not be happening! So I told him, “ring already la, what you want?” To which he replied, “respect other schools’ property next time.”

Wtf is this? How does it concern you whether I play with the bell or not? Do you stand to lose anything from this? Most likely he was just looking for a chance to act big.

The NBQ test was hard. And the outdoor segment was a waste of time.

Most probably won the silver honour roll, which translates to 2nd in NBQ for my report book.

Went to KFC after that, officer tank $65. 2 Family Feasts.

Eat and talk, took 81 home after that.

And I got my phone back. Wtf it has dents everywhere.

Changing cover tomorrow, $40 for a new housing on a phone I just bought 1 week ago, nice one la.

What a bad day..


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