Tennis Chronicles Vol.1

Shifting his cap ever so intricately, the kid prepared to serve.

“Baka! Noobs like you shall be pwned by my 1337 Tennis h4xzor skills!” some insignificant filler character taunted.

Bouncing the ball repeatedly on the sticky clay court, he tensed his muscles for the finisher.

With the fifth bounce came surprise. The noob on the opposite side watched in sheer stupendousness as the kid flung the ball into the air with his left arm.

“Here it is! Twist(or Twisto) Serve!” the kid’s buddies Loo-kun and Hockio cried. God knows how many times they have said this line; it has already become a cliche.

The kid grunted, swinging his racket at the ball, which was now suspended in mid-air, with his elbow muscles. A “Plock”, and the shot flew towards the opponent’s court, under the guise of a normal serve directed at the foe’s body. Only those who had tasted the Twist Serve before would know the horrors that was in store.

The noob prepared to return this laughable attempt at scoring a quick point. Grasping his racket with both hands, he prepared to execute his powerful return move, the Jack Knife. Surely the frail kid would not be able to withstand such a powerful shot.

Without any apparent warning, the ball changed its path of flight by curling in a concave curve upwards, towards the noob’s head. The noob whimpered in fear, as would anyone who was about to take a tennis ball to the head.

“It appears we have been tricked, Loo-Kun.” Hockio complained to his tennis buddy.

“You moron, it seems that 2 years of tennis experience has done you no good at all!” Loo-kun admonished.

“That must be.. the owning.. the forbidden move.. Hair Destroying Serve!” the two of them whispered in tenseness.

The kid snickered in delight, the match was as good as over.

The ball’s motion changed yet again, and it traced another beautiful concave arc towards the noob’s head. With a sudden acceleration, it blazed past the noob’s hair like a hot knife through butter. Landing with a loud plop on the clay field, the ball halted its movements after a few consecutive bounces.

“15-0” the umpire declared.

It appeared nothing had changed. For a moment that this, until the pesky Loo-kun pointed to the noob’s hair and laughed hysterically.

“HAHA. It’s a Buzzcut!” Loo-kun wailed in uncontrollable laughter,

For those of you who do not know what a Buzzcut is, you may either refer to Maple Story’s character creation system, or in my opinion is the better choice, smash your head into a tennis racket.

The noob’s face turned the colour of Loo-kun’s face at its prime glory. Tears flowing from his swollen eyes like dengue out of mosquitoes, he fled the court in search of a wig-maker.

“Since the noob has forfeited, game set and match to the kid in the hat!” the ever enthusiastic umpire declared.

The kid showed no traces of delirium. Glancing at the fleeing noob, he unleashed his trademark phrase of victory- “Mada Mada Dane”.

-End of Volume 1-

Volume 2 out next week.


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