The past week has been hectic. I noticed people have been mugging for their exams. Glad to say, I have been doing some mugging of my own too…mugging for Prince of Tennis. The daily quota is about 10 or so episodes. Suffice to say, this must end. Time to take a break from POT and start revising for EOYs then. Damn abbreviations.

Anyway, something out of point here, a mosquito just flew into the room. Pasir Ris used to be one of the dengue hotspots a few weeks ago, but since the pestbuster action took place, the mozzies have been scarce. The mosquito finds a conspicuous place to land on, the touchpad on the notebook. A piece of paper then compresses the mosquito like a hamburger patty, and when I removed the paper, I found the touchpad stained with mosquito debris, some of which possibly contained the deadly dengue virus! Oh my, how dangerous this is! I’d better not use the touchpad anymore from now on…..

Another sad case here. There was this gathering of sorts at my grandmother’s house yesterday evening, and for some reasons unknown to mankind I was dragged along. Actually it was my grandmother’s birthday, and I had forgotten to buy a gift or anything even close to that. A quick trip to Popular solved that, where I picked up this album chock full of oldies, which should work on the elderly. The crowd there consisted mainly of relatives whom I had never set eye on before, there was quite some eye candy there too, but that was all.

Looking to find a conversation, I managed to blend in with a bunch of guys whose ages range from twenty to thirty. Turns out that this was a good choice, since the topic at the moment was on cars. Cool. Something like this happened..
1st guy: I thought of buying Subaru…
2nd guy: No, Subaru very beng.. buy Evo better, loud and fast..
3rd guy: Buy pink RX8 la, very hot one…jio girl easier…
4th guy: Aiya dumb la talk only.. ehh what car you want buy?
Me: Buy Cherry QQ lo, good and cheap..spoil le just throw away..

The materialistic chaps carried on their conversation, while I went to look for new excitement. Walking around, I noticed that some aunties had set up a mahjong table. Hoho, I thought. Free food.

Actually, this was only my second time playing mahjong, the first being a disaster at Yc’s house where I lost about slightly more than a dollar. Fortunately, no one remembered and I was spared the sum.

This time however, the aunties were not the noobs I had expected them to be. Got owned and left with a wallet that had been drained dry. Damn!

I want to Dota. But Yc has violin, Jem is busy cleaning his dandruff, and Loo is co-spamming Shangbo’s Friendster with me. Coincidentally, I had my Friendster done up yesterday, and I can safely state that it looks tons better now. Previous screw-ups included the brown sponge thing with which I was infatuated with many a month ago. I can’t even recall the dumb thing’s name now. Go have a look if you may, and yet as I ponder the possibilities of Friendster, I am unable to unearth much, other than free pictures to download. Happy times..

I want to drive a car. Recently, I have been playing Test Drive Unlimited on the PSP, unlike noobs who fiddle around with anime spin-offs. It has been so fun damn it, and the visuals are amazingly attractive, making the car look like a work of art. It even turns realistically, unlike Initial D where the car drifts at the lightest touch. Started with an Alfa-Romeo GT V6, as stated in the game, and haven’t looked back since.

About the car, I found this nice car as I was taking 17 to school today. It’s apparently some convertible, but I only managed to catch a glimpse of the brand- Renault. It looks really good, now if only I had the finances and the license, I’d be set.

Costs about 100k, I guess.

Dota time, bye all.


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