PSP Mania

This is what I saw when I appropriated Wanker’s PSP from his bag today. Ceramic white coated with yellow stains, and in more severe cases, brown. Yuck, I wonder what horrors have befallen this hapless object of need.

A standard pink PSP. As you can see, standard is no fun at all. Some personalisation you know.

Ahh, bliss.

Oh yeah, I forgot something. It’s the debacle that was the Mid Autumn Festival.
Ba Yue Zhong Qiu Sha Ni Niang~

Dismissal was at 1.40pm for school lessons. Went to 85 with the whole bunch of them for lunch. The vegetable rice(cai fan) there is nice and cheap, since 2 meat, some tofu and an egg cost just $3.50. Owning. Went back to class for remedial after that, and even later on was the concert.

The concert was kind of disappointing, since we did not get to see any screw-ups perform. Apparently, a screening of sorts had been done before the concert, and all rejects were barred from stage. Bad move, the concert was not as entertaining as it could otherwise have been. On a sidenote, the opera troop was good though. Ordered KFC from the under-par KFC delivery service halfway through the concert.

Walkabout after that was a joke. PSPs were brought out and some rumbling got underway. The KFC motorcycle was not there at 7.20pm, the pre-determined time. Several checks were carried out but to no avail. Finally, the money paid for the delivery was refunded, when the delivery man suddenly arrived! Oh my. The Popcorn Chicken, which had grown soggy, was unfinished, and Looly the bucking cheapo polished them all up.

More rumbling happened in the 3L classroom, and a poor lantern burst into flames! Wanker’s memory stick went on a journey of self-discovery, wonder where it is now?

It’s boring now. What to do hmm?

Btw, damn you Naruto! Zz..


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