Joy to the World!

I’ve noticed that short posts have become something of a hit lately, so let’s have a shot at one.

Your presence plunges my consciousness into a state of surrealism~

Hoho, that’s imba. Now let’s try a poem.

That day that the wind blew I tried to hold your hand
But unfortunately, the rain kept on falling till I couldn’t see you
How much longer until I can be beside you again?
Waiting for the day to turn clear, maybe I’ll be a little better then
Long ago, a person loved you for so long
But the wind kept on blowing, widening the gap so much further
So difficult, I have another day to love again
But it seems that, at the end of the tale you still said, Goodbye

Hoho that’s not original actually. It’s lyrics from a song oh no!

I sometimes wonder why people keep emphasizing on cleanliness when there are other more pressing matters such as examinations on hand. The classic line known as “Because of the piece of paper at the back, I wasn’t able to concentrate on the lesson!” was noted in class today. How imba!

Exams are drawing near, yet I am unable to feel any form of stress at all. Imba revision starts soon, with a one-shot studying regime of 6 hours on weekdays. Owning!


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